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How To Talk To Lunoven In Blox Fruits?

Lunoven is a newly added Misc NPC in the latest update 15 of Blox Fruits.

He lives in the bar at the Castle on the Sea, which is located in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits.

To interact with Lunoven, you must defeat 5 Elite Pirates and be at the Third Sea (level 1500+). After that approach him and he will interact with you if you are eligible and have met all the requirements.

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Who Is Lunoven In Blox Fruit?

Lunoven is simply an NPC in Blox Fruit who is responsible for assigning you the quest.

It is a nonplayable character to which you can interact with but cannot use or control them in-game.

Further, players can find this NPC in the bar at the Castle on the Sea after reaching level 1500.

Lunover character in Blox Fruit.

Lunoven displays a friendly character to interact with until your requirements meet his demand.

Additionally, he is also known as the Kind of the Third Sea as of his getup but still, there isn’t any story in it.

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Where To Find Lunoven In Blox Fruits?

Lunoven can be found in a castle’s bar which is located in the Third Sea of Blox Fruit.

To be able to visit the Third Sea, you first need to pass the Second Sea of the game.

This is the map of the Third Sea.

Likewise, to reach the Lunoven’s Location, you can follow these steps:

1. Go To Colosseum

As the message instructs, players can find their way to the Colosseum in the Second Sea.

Hence, the Colosseum is a location in the Second Sea that you can find in the Kingdom of Rose.

2. Find King Red Head

After reaching Colosseum find the underground area where the prisoners are to find King Red Head.

In addition, you have to make sure that you have completed the Colosseum quest to talk to the King Red Head.

3. Isolated Island

If you have completed the Colosseum quest, after talking to the Kind Red Head you will be teleported to an Isolated Island.

Further, after you meet Rip Indra, you must deal enough damage to him to lower his health to 50%.

4. The Cut Scene

Then, you can see an animated fight scene between Rip Indra and King Red Head here.

When the cutscene ends, the player is teleported to the Café and given a message from mygame43 asking the player for help.

This is the message you get from The King Red Hed.

In this way, you will be able to reach the Third Sea and talk to Lunoven in the Castle’s Bar.

5. Reach Level 1500

To access the Third Sea, the player must be at or above level 1500 and should have completed the Second Sea.

A message displays that you have reached the 1500 level.

So, after you reach the targeted level, you will get a message saying “Ready to go to the next world?”.

How To Talk To Lunoven?

After reaching the Third Sea, players will surely be above 1500+ levels.

Still, players should acknowledge that they should have defeated 5 Elite Pirates to be able to talk to Lunoven.

Further, the 5 Elite Pirates bosses can spawn randomly in several Islands.

If your eligibility meets up to the requirements follow these steps to talk to Lunoven.

  1. Find Castle of the Third Sea.
  2. Similarly, head left from the Hallways and enter the bar.
  3. Go around and you’ll find an NPC named Lunoven.
  4. Then, go near him and press the talk button.
Talk TO Lunoven in Blox Fruits
Click on Interact with Lunoven to talk and receive a reward in Blox Fruits.

After talking to Lunoven in Third Sea, players will receive the Pretty Helmet accessory as a reward.

The Bottom Line

Lunoven is a hostile character in Box Fruit with a casual getup of a Suit and a crown on his head.

Similarly, Talking to Lunoven requires simple requirements to fulfill such as defeating elite pirates and reaching 1500 level.

By following the above steps, you can easily reach the Third Sea and talk to Lunevon to receive the Pretty Helmet Accessory.

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