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The Vaudeville Murder Mystery Game: Who Did It?

Vaudeville is an experimental whodunit game based on the latest AI technologies to generate dialogues in real-time. 

You play Detective Martini, a private investigator who has to solve a series of murders in a European city by talking to different characters.

The three suspects, Gustave, Marina H and Dr. Dubois killed the victims in the Vaudeville game. Additionally, it is seen that Marina H wears stilettos, and Haley Greenwood is killed with stilettos.

Continue reading to discover who were the victims and who killed them.

Who Are Victim In Vaudeville?

In Vaudeville Game, you are Detective Martini, and you should detect who killed the victims in Vaudeville.

You must talk to different characters and explore locations to discover who killed them.

Three people are dead in the Vaudeville game, and they are:

1. Lola 

Lola is a dancer and singer at the Moulin Rouge, a famous cabaret in Vaudeville. 

She is also one of the victims of the murders, as she was stabbed to death in her dressing room. 

She is described as a talented and beautiful woman with many admirers and enemies.

2. Claire

Claire is a nurse at the Hospital Saint-Louis, a medical facility in Vaudeville.

 Next, she is also one of the victims of the murders, as she was poisoned with cyanide in her coffee. 

Moreover, she was a colleague of Dr. Dubois, a doctor who was a suspect in her death. 

Generally, she is described as a kind and caring woman who dedicated her life to helping others

3. Monsieur Saxabar

Monsieur Saxabar owns the Circus Saxabar, a traveling circus that performs in Vaudeville.

He is also one of the victims of the murders, as he was shot in the head in his caravan.

Additionally, he was a lion tamer with a reputation for being fearless and charismatic.

He is described as an enigmatic and adventurous man with many secrets and enemies.

monsieur saxabar
Monsieur Saxabar is a victim in Vaudeville.

Who Killed The Victims In Vaudeville?

There are nine suspects in Vaudeville. However, the following three seem to be the prime suspects.

Let’s discuss why they killed the victims.

1. Gustave

Gustave is a suspect in Vaudeville because Lola was in a relationship with Gustave.

Moreover, he is a lion tamer who works at the Circus Saxabar, another location where a murder occurred. 

Additionally, he is known for his courage and skill, which could make him a potential killer or witness. 

However, his motive and involvement are also unclear, and you will have to interrogate him using natural language to find out more.

2. Dr. Dubois

Dr. Dubois is a psychiatrist at the Fairfields experimental hospital for the criminally insane, where he treats serial killer Easterman.

Moreover, Dr. Dubois and Claire were a colleague in the hospital.

3. Marina H

Marina H is a suspect in Vaudeville because she is a burlesque dancer.

She works at the Cabane Violette, one of the locations where a murder occurred. 

Moreover, she is known for charm and seduction, which could make her a potential manipulator or accomplice.

However, her motive and involvement are unclear, and you must interrogate her using natural language to find out more.

Additionally, it seems that she was jealous of Haley Greenwood.

Marina H
Marina H suspect in Vaudeville.

The Bottom Line

It is hard to identify who did it. However, it would be best to keep interrogating the game’s characters.

Moreover, deciding who did it may differ according to the player’s perception.

Contrarily, you can keep playing the game and decide on your own the real culprit.

Continue reading to discover the number of ending in the Vaudeville Game.
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