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Last Epoch Eternity Cache Not Working: Possible Fixes

Many players are actively complaining that the eternity cache is not working in Last Epoch.

This issue has led to players losing various items within the cache during the integration process.

However, players have come up with some solutions online to bypass the integration issue temporarily.

Continue reading this article to learn why the eternity cache is not working in Last Epoch.

Function Of The Eternity Cache In The Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an action RPG, meaning that the game is full of various loot for each loot-type rarity.

As players progress further in the story, they must upgrade their weapons to keep up with the enemies.

However, the drop rate of legendary loot is very low, meaning that players must grind for those items.

To tackle this issue, Last Epoch introduces Eternity Cache to maintain loot balance in the game.

Eternity cache last epoch
An in-game display of the Eternity Cache in Last Epoch.

The Eternity Cache is a tall interactable object, found in the Temporal Sanctum dungeon.

Players can interact with this object to fuse two of their items of the same order to make it stronger.

For example, players must put two types of shields to acquire a shield of higher rarity and stats.

However, the affixes gained by the new item depend upon the legendary potential stat of that item.

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Why Is Eternity Cache Not Working?

After the recent update 1.0, Last Epoch is facing various bugs and glitches regarding items.

Similarly, one such glitch occurs with Eternity Cache which destroys the items used for integration.

This instance occurs due to the item duplication exploit that is currently active in the Last Epoch.

Players are using this duplication glitch to access rare items, breaking the item purpose of the game.

To tackle this issue, developers have removed all the rewards and item mechanics temporarily from the game.

Therefore, players have no option but to wait until the developers fix this feature in the upcoming patch.

How To Fix Eternity Cache Not Working Issue In Last Issue?

Given the depth of the issue, the Last Epoch community has collaborated to discover a temporary fix for this issue.

To tackle this issue, players must switch between two opposing eras within the Temporal Sanctum until the item upgrades.

Specifically, players must put the items in the Eternity Cache only after warping to the Divine Era.

This sequence systematically upgrades the input items when players switch to the Ruined Era.

If the issue persists, restarting the game fixes the game as confirmed by various players in the discussion Forums.

However, if the issue is permanent, players must report the undiscovered bug to the developers.

Why Is Eternity Cache Not Working For Legendary Items?

To answer this question, players must learn about the working mechanics of the Eternity Cache.

the working mechanism of eternity cache
The exact working mechanism of Eternity Cache in Last Epoch.

Here are some of its properties that players must learn before using the Eternity Cache in Last Epoch:

  1. The function of Eternity Cache is to combine two similar items for a stronger one.
  2. A legendary item will gain some affixes from another item depending upon its legendary potential.
  3. Players cannot use the crafted legendary item in the Eternity Cache after using it once.
  4. Identical items with exact stats will result in the same item with the same stats.

Hence, players cannot use a crafted legendary Item in the Eternity Cache as it is beyond its functionality.

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