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Why Is Master Sword Low On Energy In TotK?

In the Zelda series, Master Sword is one of the powerful and recurring items, which is also known as Goddess Sword.

However, with its mighty and magical powers, it can run low on energy and eventually run out.

If you repeatedly use Master Sword with numerous hits to the foes during the battles, it will run low on energy. In addition, using the Master Sword Beam ability too often can also drain the durability and eventually run out of energy.

Continue reading to learn more about Master Sword running low on energy and how to regain its energy.

Why Is Master Sword Low On Energy In TotK?

Master Sword is one of the powerful weapons you will acquire in Tears of the Kingdom during the main quest, “Recovering the Hero’s Sword.”

master sword in light dragon
Master Sword is one of the powerful weapons you will acquire in Tears of the Kingdom.

During the quest, you must pull out Master Sword from Light Dragon, which requires about two wheels of stamina.

Furthermore, it has a base attack power of 30 and durability of 40 without any materials fusing into the Sword.

However, it is not fully charged when first taken out from light dragon and needs to recharge.

Moreover, during countless battles with foes in Tears of the Kingdom, Master Sword will be running low on energy.

Running low on energy
Master Sword will be running low on energy after many battles.

Master Sword has a base attack of 30, which means it can take 3o hits before it runs low on energy.

Therefore, constant battles with numerous hits exceeding the hit points of Master Sword can make it run low on energy.

In addition, Master Sword has a unique ability to shoot beams toward the player-facing direction.

master sword beams
You can use the Master Sword Beam ability to shoot beams.

This ability of Master Sword can also make it low on energy as it loses durability after repeatedly using the beam.

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Can Master Sword Run Out of Energy?

Master Sword can inflict damage points of about 10800 on enemies without any modifications or fusion.

However, after repeatedly using the Master Sword, it will ultimately run low on energy.

Furthermore, you will only have approximately 5 to 10 hits before it runs out of energy.

master sword run out of energy
Master Sword will ultimately run low on energy after using it repeatedly.

The excellent news for the players is that Master Sword won’t break even after running out of energy.

It will just need about 10 minutes in real life to regain its magical energy.

How To Get More Energy For Master Sword?

Master Sword has a finite amount of energy and will run out at some point in the story.

If you repeatedly use it even after the “running low on energy” indication, it will run out, and you cannot use the Sword until it recharges.

However, you can get more energy for Master Sword by fusing it with different materials or waiting for a while.

It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to recharge, depending on how much used the Master Sword.

In addition, you can also fuse with different items to increase its power and durability.

Moreover, you must fuse the materials again after the Master Sword runs out of energy.

The Bottom Line

The Hero’s Sword or Goddess Sword, known as Master Sword in TotK, can also run out of energy even with its fantastic durability.

Furthermore, continually using the Master Sword beam ability and the Sword on the battlefield can cause it to run out of energy.

However, Master Sword regains its energy after waiting for a while, and you can also fuse with other materials to increase its durability.

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