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How To Invite To Guild In Warcraft Rumble?

In Warcraft Rumble, there are two different types of guilds that players can find: an invite-only guild and a public guild.

Furthermore, the game gives the freedom to go into the guild and leave it whenever possible.

The invite to guild feature does not exist in Warcraft Rumble. Players can either join a public guild or request to join a guild to reap the benefits of a guild.
This article discusses the guild and guild invite in Warcraft Rumble.

What Is A Guild In Warcraft Rumble?

A guild is a community of players who band together to help each other and earn rewards.

In Warcraft Rumble, the guild acts as a hub for players who want to play together and then earn some sweet rewards.

Typically, players can earn rewards by helping the guild reach certain levels.

In Warcraft Rumble, the players can play the game to earn points to pool into the guild.

Upon reaching a certain threshold of points, players can earn various rewards.

Furthermore, there are milestone rewards and, simply, points rewards. Milestone rewards require a higher amount of points to earn.

But, in the case of the points rewards, they require fewer points to earn.

Additionally, the guilds in Warcraft Rumble are pretty small. A guild can have a total of only 15 players in it.

Thus, a group of friends may create multiple guilds to accommodate the entire group or even add additional players with multiple accounts.

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Can You Invite Players To A Guild In Warcraft Rumble?

Guild members or owners cannot invite other players into their guild in Warcraft Rumble.

The guild can be either public or invite-only. In terms of a public guild, players can simply join the guild if a slot is open.

After joining the guild, the players can do various tasks and play various games to gain points for the guild.

guild rewards warcraft rumble
Warcraft rumble guild rewards and milestone rewards.

Furthermore, the players can join and leave the guild whenever they please. Thus, players are not bound to stay in an empty or inactive guild.

However, when the players decide to leave a guild, they will not have any points accumulated during their time in the guild.

Moreover, the points will stay with the guild, thus, the guild will benefit from the players even though they leave the guild.

Players can freely leave the guild, however, guilds can also kick the players out of the guild whenever they please.

Thus, the freedom to stay, leave and even kick the members is in the hands of both the players and the guild.

What Is An Invite-Only Guild In Warcraft Rumble?

Invite-only guilds are the type of guild where players must request to join the guild.

Unlike public guilds where players can join as soon as there is a slot open.

In the case of invite-only guilds, players may end up waiting for quite some time to get accepted into the guild.

Furthermore, invite-only guilds cannot invite other players into their guilds. They can only accept or deny the requests from the players.

Thus, contrary to the word “Invite-only,” it is more like “Request-only” guilds.

This is a great method to make sure that the players do not guild-hop as much as frequently.

guild interface for guilds warcraft rumble
Guild leaders can see the contribution points of the guild members in the guild interface.

Players can search for the guild’s name to send a request to join if the guild is invite-only.

But, if it is a public guild, they can directly join it with the condition that there is an empty slot in the guild.

With that said, head out and find a guild that aligns with your playstyle and have a blast playing Warcraft Rumble.

The Bottom Line

A guild acts as a way to gain more rewards while playing the game.

Furthermore, the guildmates can also help other new players to understand the game even better.

Thus, joining a guild in Warcraft Rumble can be quite beneficial for every player in the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding about how to invite to a guild in Warcraft Rumble.

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