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Details Of Talent Tier List In Warcraft Rumble

In Warcraft Rumble, the talent Tier list provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of playable Minis

Warcraft Rumble is a captivating game where you must build a deck and choose your leader or Minis to progress in the game.

In Warcraft Rumble, the talent tier list will help you to win if you can employ clever strategies to build and choose the best Minis and form the best team composition. The best leaders to play are Baron Rivendare, Tirion Fordring, Rend Blackhand, Hogger, Bloodmage Thalnos, Maiev Shadowsong etc.

Continue reading to learn the mighty talents of the best Minis in Warcraft Rumble from a talent tier list.

What Is The Talent Tier List In Warcraft Rumble?

The Warcraft Rumble Tier List is a ranking system that shows how good and effective different leaders and minis are within the game.

This tier list categorizes these leaders and minis into groups ranging from S to D.

The leaders and minis in group S are in the highest position, but those in the D group are in the lowest position.

This helps players know which ones are really strong and which ones are not as great.

Hence, this talent tier list gives players a quick reference for making strategic decisions to build their teams.

warcraft rumble tier list
The leaders and minis in group S are in the highest position, but those in the D group are in the lowest position.

When you decide how good a leader or mini is in Warcraft Rumble, you must look at their abilities.

You can check what unique things they can do, like how well they work with other units, their performance in PVP battles etc.

Furthermore, you must also look at their stats like health and damage and their performance in PVE missions.

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S-Tier Talent List Of The Leaders In Warcraft Rumble

The S-tier leaders are the best and can do well in all parts of the game.

These minis are best for Player vs Environment missions (PvE ) and Player vs Player battles(PvP) in the game.

Hence, look at the list of S-tier talents of the best S-tier Minis in the game.

1. Chill Of The Grave (Baron Rivendare) 

For S-tier leader Baron Rivendare, Chill of the Grave talent is a game-changer.

With this talent, he can replace the summoning of Warriors with Skeletal Mages.

Baron Rivendare
Baron Rivendare can replace the summoning of Warriors with Skeletal Mages.

Hence, if you select Baron, he will provide more robust control and support for your team.

2. Divine Shield (Tyrion Fordring) 

Tyrion Fordring has a Divine Shield talent in Warraft Rumble that serves as a magical shield.

Furthermore, when Tyrion’s health depletes to 30%, the divine shield will absorb all the damage for 5 seconds.

Hence, this talent makes him incredibly durable and hard to take down.

3. Ham Hock (Hogger) 

Hogger is also one of the S-tier leaders who has Ham Hock as his special talent in the game.

When Hogger uses Ham Hock, it increases his max health by 10% during battle.

Hogger uses Ham Hock which increases his max health by 10% during battle.

Hence, this health stacking bonus makes him a formidable tank over time.

4. Flaming Soul (Rend Blackhand) 

In Warcraft Rumble, Rend Blackhand, an S-tier leader, uses Flaming Soul as his leading talent.

Furthermore, Rend’s Flaming Soul talent will release Living Bomb upon dismounting.

This Living Bomb can cause massive damage to any enemies near its range to add significant AoE damage to Rend Blackhand‘s kit.

5. Dominance (Bloodmage Thalnos) 

Bloodmage Thalnos significantly benefits from the Dominance talent in Warcraft Rumble.

Bloodmage Thalnos can get additional levels for spells that cost four or even more using Dominance.

Hence, if you choose Thalnos, you can get a leader with solid spellcasting abilities.

6. Enveloping Shadows (Maiev Shadowsong) 

Maiev’s Enveloping Shadows talent lets her use Smoke Bomb when she puts it down.

Hence, this makes her and her friends invisible near the smoke’s range.

Maiev Shadowsong
Enveloping Shadow talent lets Maiev Shadowsong use Smoke Bomb when she puts it down.

Maiev’s Enveloping Shadows ability will confuse the enemies of your location and disrupt their targets.

A-Tier Talent List Of The Leaders 

A-tier Leaders and Minis become more robust when combined with synergistic minis.

Hence, the A-tier talents of some of the best Minis in Warcraft are given below:

1. Skeletal Frenzy (Baron Rivendare): This talent makes nearby Skeletons attack faster with Bloodlust, which helps your army do more damage.

2. By The Light (Tyrion Fordring): By The Light doubles the healing effect on your primary target, so it is a solid choice for supporting your frontline units.

3. Spoiled Meat (Hogger): With Spoiled Meat, Hogger can add a Poison effect to his attacks, which means he can do massive damage over time.

4. Scale and Steel (Rend Blackhand): This talent gives Rend resistance while flying and armour when dismounted, making him durable in different situations.

5. Drain Life (Bloodmage Thalnos): Drain Life gives Life Steal to Bloodmage Thalnos so that he can heal himself during battles.

6. Shadowstep (Maiev Shadowsong): Shadowstep lets Maiev teleport to a ranged attacker when she’s hit, making her faster and more in control.

B-Tier Talent List Of The Leaders 

B-tier Talents of some of the best leaders can give a solid performance so take a look below at the list.

1. Death Pact (Baron Rivendare)

With Death Pact, Baron Rivendare can sacrifice a nearby Skeleton to heal himself.

Besides, it gives him a bit of healing to sustain for a while, but it may not be as impactful as other choices.

2. Consecrate (Tyrion Fordring)

When Tyrion Fordring uses Consecrate, it has the power to damage enemies regularly in its area.

Although it adds some damage, it might not be as powerful as other abilities like Divine Shield.

Tyrion fordring
Tyrion Fordring uses Consecrate, which has the power to damage enemies regularly in its area.

3. Fatal Frenzy (Hogger)

When Hogger uses Fatal Frenzy, he launches Bloodlust on nearby Beasts when he dies.

It can be helpful in specific situations, but it’s not always the best choice.

4. Flaming Soul (Rend Blackhand)

Rend Blackhand’s Flaming Soul gives you a good area of damage (AOE).

However, it might not be as versatile as Rend’s Scale and Steel.

5. Drain Life (Bloodmage Thalnos)

Although Drain Life Lifesteal is helpful, it may not be the most impactful choice for Bloodmage Thalnos compared to other talents.

Hence, you can use Dominance as it is one of the powerful talents with solid spellcasting abilities.

6. Shadowstep (Maiev Shadowsong)

Shadowstep is the B-tier talent of Maiev Shadowsong in Warcraft Rumble.

Furthermore, Shadowstep can be tricky to use effectively and requires a higher skill level.

The Bottom Line 

This talent tier list will guide you in making informed decisions about choosing the best Minis and leaders in Warcraft Rumble.

However, remember that these talents will be practical only if they match your personal playstyle and your team composition.

Nonetheless, going with the S-tier leader and forming the composition will give a significant advantage in PvP or PvE.

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