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A Guide To Find Dispel Corruption Doors In Warlords Ruin

In Destiny 2, Players are curious about how to find the Dispel Doors to progress in the quest in Warlords Ruin Dungeon.

Players must find the dispel doors to collect all the remains of Ahamkara, the dragon, as a part of their quest.

You can obtain all ten bones of Ahamkara in Warlords Ruin when you open the level 1, level 2, and level 3 Dispel corruption doors by the Dispel Taken Corruption process. 

Continue reading to find out more about how to find Dispel corruption doors in Warlords Ruin Dungeon of Destiny 2.

What Is Ahamkara Bone In Warlord’s Ruin?

Ahamkara Bone is an item required to progress the quest in the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon.

Furthermore, the Ahamkara bones are scattered in many locations in the game for you to find.

ahamkara bones
Players finding the Ahamkara bones

You must find and restore three lost Bones of Ahamkara, which is step 4 of the quest.

Collecting all ten bones during one run is impossible, so get the first three bones, then dispel two and dispel three.

Open The Dispel Corruption Doors In Warlords Ruin

Throughout the dungeon, there are three dispel doors that you must open to obtain all the bones.

In addition, you can’t open all three dispel doors until you get to the particular parts of your quest.

You can obtain bones two, three, and four when you open the Level 1 dispel corruption door.

Similarly, you can obtain bones five, six, and seven when you open the level 2 dispel corruption door.

Likewise, you can obtain bones eight, nine, and ten when you open the level 3 dispel corruption door.

 How To Find Dispel Corruption Doors?

All ten bones of Ahamkara are behind the levels 1, 2, and 3 dispel doors you must open to obtain them.

You can find the first bone at the end of your first run when you defeat the final boss.

1. Level 1 Dispel Corruption Door

To find the second bone, you must go across the bridge inside the first fort.

However, remember you must obtain the second bone before an arresting Knight assails you.

Similarly, you can find the third bone of Ahamkara across from imprisonment after ascending through the ceiling.

warlords ruin dispel doors
Players opening the Level 1 dispel corruption door.

You must open the level 1 Dispel door by the Dispel Taken Corruption process to obtain the third bone.

To find the fourth lost bone, you must go to the top of the summit, face back from the cliff, and find shelter.

Hence, you can obtain the fourth bone after opening the Level 1 Dispel corruption door.

2. Level 2 Dispel Corruption Door

You can find the level 2 dispel corruption door which has the fifth bone in the Snow fallen maze.

You must go through the broken wall and seek the banner of kings to find the door.

Finally, open the level 2 dispel door to obtain the fifth bone of Ahamkara.

dispel 2 door
Opening the level 2 dispel corruption door.

To find the sixth level 2 Dispel corruption door, you must cross into the Tempest.

Next, go through the portcullis, and you will find the door right at the sewer’s mouth.

When you open the Dispel 2 door, you will obtain the sixth bone of Ahamkara.

The seventh bone also lies behind the level 2 Dispel doors, so go to the summit base to find the door.

Next, you must find shelter off the beaten path where the taken will descend upon you.

3. Level 3 Dispel Corruption Door

The eighth bone is behind the level 3 dispel corruption door in Warlords Ruin Dungeon.

Hence, you can find the dispel 3 doors within the maze where there is a pitfall you must jump across to find the door.

Now, you must find and open the level 3 dispel door to obtain the ninth bone.

dispell 3 door
Opening the level 3 dispel corruption door.

The door is in the ruined alcove, so go to the Taken’s roil to open the door and obtain the ninth bone.

You can find the level 3 Dispel door with the tenth bone of Ahamkara within a tunnel.

Thus, you can find the tunnel on the broken cliffs, so find the door and open it to obtain the last Ahamkara bone.

The Bottom Line

The process of collecting all ten remaining of the Ahamkara is a bit challenging as they are kept in different locations in the dungeon.

You must go to at least 10 different locations to search for the dispel doors, which is quite annoying.

However, with this guide, you can follow the pathways to find all three dispel doors and open them to collect the bones.

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