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How To Get Mara Sov Mask In Destiny 2?

Mara Sov mask is one of the rewards players can obtain by completing various tasks in the event.

Furthermore, the events will allow players to obtain various other rewards and currency.

Players can obtain the Mara Sov Mask by completing the Happy Haunting ground. Players can also obtain various other currencies to purchase other rewards from the event shop during the event.

This article discusses the Mara Sov mask and obtaining the item in Destiny 2.

What Is Mara Sov Mask In Destiny 2?

Mara Sov Mask is one of the eight new mast players can obtain in the Festival of the Lost event of Destiny 2.

The Festival of the Lost is one of the recurring events in Destiny 2.

It comes around every Halloween season and allows players to earn various rewards.

However, every reward for the event requires specific criteria to be fulfilled to earn them.

Thus, players must make sure to go through the requirements of each mask to obtain them.

Similarly, items within the reward pool are also obtainable through currency.

Players can obtain the currency by completing various tasks that are given to the players in the event.

mara sov mask destiny 2
Fulfill the criteria to get a Mask as a reward in the new event.

Players must first obtain the Masquerader’s mask before equipping other masks. This is a prerequisite that players must fulfill.

Furthermore, according to the game, every mask is an accessory they must equip on the Masquerader’s mask.

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Obtaining Mara Sov Mask In Destiny 2

To obtain the Mara Sov mask in Destiny 2, players must complete the Happy Haunting Ground in Destiny 2.

Completing the happy haunting ground is relatively simple. But it does take a reasonable amount of time to complete.

If you look at the Happy Haunting Ground event card, you will notice that the task is to complete 18 activities in the Haunted Sector playlist.

This means that players must complete 18 Haunted sectors in the tower.

Players can simply head to the tower and launch the sectors individually.

Once inside the happy haunting ground, players must find 10 Headless ones and defeat them. 

If you defeat them well before the timer ends, you must wait out the timer and let the chest pop out to have the run counted.

Haunted Sectors playlist
Complete haunted sectors for the mask.

Furthermore, players may sometimes worry that the task will not count if they do not have the Spectral pages.

However, in the case of the Happy Haunting Ground event, the Spectral pages do not hold any value for its completion.

That is the end; after you complete the Happy Haunting Ground, you will obtain the mask.

While completing this event, you will also obtain various other currencies.

You can use those currencies to obtain other goodies from the event shop.

Thus, it is a scenario where you win nonetheless. However, you must put in enough time to obtain the mask.

The Bottom Line

The Mara Sov mask is one of many masks and rewards that players can obtain in the new event of Destiny 2.

Furthermore, these events tend to allow players to obtain other goodies from the past.

Thus, events are a great way to engage the player base and retain them in the long run.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in obtaining the Mara Sov mask in Destiny 2.

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