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Should You Watch TV While Working From Home?

I find work from home exciting and full of enthusiasm. However, I often land in front of my TV set between my assignments.

Later in the day, I pile up with due submissions, which becomes frustrating. 

Watching TV during work distracts a person from the task. It becomes challenging to get back on track once someone begins watching TV between their work. Furthermore, the risk of losing productivity also exists. 

This article will provide vital information about the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV while working from home. 

Advantages Of Watching TV While Working From Home 

At home, there is no sound of your cubicle friend pressing the keyboard, the tip-top noise of your peers passing by, or your boss yelling at the top of the sound.

If you are used to working in an environment like this, a little background noise is all you need to get grooving into your work.

If human voices bring you a sense of comfort, turn on your TV and get going. 

Here are some advantages of watching TV while working from home: 

1. The Background Sounds 

While working from home, you might miss the cubicle environment of your Office. Working in a quiet environment can be boring to some people. 

If you need voices for comfort, you can turn on the TV for background noise.

You may just put your favorite song on a low volume or replay your favorite TV shows. 

Make sure anything you play on the TV is not much distracting.

Watching an entirely new series or a show may distract you from your employment situation.

According to a study on the Correlation between work concentration level and background music, background music affects worker performance on different levels. 

Our senses are often bombarded with everyday noises, such as the humming of our air conditioner. These types of noises may be generally considered a nuisance.

However, research shows that some noise is significant and beneficial for us.

2. Helps Update Yourself With The All-News Channel

You can sit at your work turning on some News streaming channels. This way, you will get the amount of background noise you need.

At the same time, you can also update yourself with the daily news. 

Once you go over the morning news, the rehashes play the whole day.

You won’t have to pay total concentration or stick to the screen for the updates. 

watching TV while working
You can watch News on TV While Working from Home (Source: Pixabay)

You can listen to all the local and international affairs scattered throughout the day from different perspectives.

News in the background gives you a cafe-like conversation vibe to help you relax, be calm and do the work without feeling the deafening silence. 

3. Reduces Monotony While Working 

People tend to require a certain level of stimulation while working. Sitting at your working desk for long hours causes a monotonous feel.

You may want to turn on your TV at work to reduce monotony to some extent. 

Working from home in itself is a lonely feeling. Your assignment can be lengthy, and doing the same task for a long time can get boring. 

You can always put something interesting on the TV to work without feeling lazy. You can also clutter the sounds you dislike with your Television’s sound. 

A certain level of audio or video or both of these may help you focus on your task.

Your brain feels active, and you can feel calm at work with some background noise.

4. Helps To Relieve The Stress 

Taking a TV break for some time helps you relieve stress. 

Working at home involves sitting inside a closed, lonely space with piles of work and projects to complete throughout the day.

Lengthy hours at an office desk with no Company may stimulate stress inside you.

You can always expose yourself to entertaining TV shows, relaxing music, and nature sounds for peace of mind. 

According to research, watching a good TV program can reduce the cortisol level or the “stress hormone,” which is also responsible for cholesterol, weight gain, and depression. 

5. The Cheapest Source Of Entertainment 

When freshening up your mind from a long day, TV is the most common and effective entertainment.

It is easy to set up and can be placed anywhere near your workplace

You can have a complete entertainment package with numerous TV channels at an affordable price. You can also add subscriptions to various TV shows and have fun. 

While working from home, visiting or meeting people at work is impossible.

Therefore, you can spend some time streaming your favorite program on TV for a quick break. 

Disadvantages Of Watching TV While Working From Home 

Watching TV while working from home may greatly hinder some professionals.

It may reduce the level of productivity and make the risk of losing time and affects punctuality. 

Television has a constant presence in our lives. Therefore, it is easy to get distracted by anything that is streaming.

In some cases, watching Television while working may be hurting us unknowingly. 

If you habitually watch TV during work, you may want to know some of its disadvantages. 

1. It Causes Distraction 

Working from home creates many distractions, including your phone, pets, or children.

Watching Television may add fuel to the burning Fire. 

Turning on the TV while working tends to distract you from the job.

As a result, you will have piles of assignments to complete and might miss the deadline. 

Getting back to work with the same energy becomes complicated once you begin watching Television in between.

Therefore, to ensure you won’t miss important meetings or calls, do not mistake watching TV during working hours or Office Time. 

According to research on Dealing With Media Destruction with children and adults, media distractors such as TV tend to create attention problems and focus on a single task. 

2. It Is An Unhealthy Practice

A Television break is unhealthy if you work late hours before the screen.

Spending long hours working on a computer screen and again switching to the TV for a break does not do any good. 

Rather than streaming shows on TV, you can choose other means to take a little break.

The most important thing is to get out of your working chair. 

You can go for a short walk or spend time with your family. Doing some stretches or shoulder shrugs can also be helpful.

Exercise when you work from home
Take out some time for exercise when you work from home.

It is essential to make sure your body boosts circulation and core strength. 

Research on Youth Screen Time and Behavioral Health Problems shows that increased screen time is associated with sleep disturbances and behavioral health issues. 

Watching TV does not give your body an actual break; it requires. Therefore, save that thing for a later time. 

3. It Can Get Addictive

Watching TV during working hours can be addictive in the long run.

Without realizing it, you will develop an addiction to watching TV, negatively impacting your productivity.

You may keep on streaming the show episode by episode. Binge-watching will cause your work speed to fall. 

Addiction permanently does harm irrespective of nature. Therefore, avoid watching TV during your work hours to prevent addiction. 

4. Feeling Of Laziness 

People who watch Television for a significant time tend to have a sluggish feeling most of the time. 

Once you have developed the habit of watching TV during your working hours, you may want to quit and return to the business. 

Feeling laziness or tiredness is probably going to harm your job. You will lose all the energy and effort, and productivity may decline inevitably. 

Ensure to prevent yourself from all the grogginess, or you may end up having a nap after watching TV rather than completing your work. 

Read on to discover some helpful tips for not being lazy when working from home.

5. Strong Emotional Involvement 

Once you turn on your Television and watch your favorite show, you may indulge in the emotions intensely.

Being too invested in the performances during work can arouse strong emotions. 

The activities and characters in the reel may evoke real emotions leading to a bad workday.

Watching your favorite character fall into trouble or experience immense joy has the same effect on you. 

You would never be able to focus on or even get back to your job easily. Therefore, make sure you do not take a TV break to enjoy your show while working. 

6. Consumerism And Manipulation 

You turn on your TV for a short break while working, and within no time, you will be bombarded with so many advertisements.

Products start rolling on your TV screen, and you suddenly get this urge to own them.

Television advertisements manipulate people to buy different products they never think of owning.

Avoiding these adverts is impossible because they pop up amidst streaming shows and videos. 

Before you skip it, you are already into temptation.

All these advertisements want is to target the consumers to a much greater extent—the practice of selling the exact product the consumers want to own increases like never before. 

7. Television Can Make You Anti-Social 

TV can be a good source of entertainment and a cure for loneliness.

However, it can also be anti-social, occupying the time you could spend with others. 

During the work break, you may be more inclined toward TV shows than meeting with your friends and family.

It can sometimes suck you up entirely and make you forget about the real world. 

Therefore, prioritize spending enough time with your family and friends rather than watching TV.

You may feel tempted by the TV but believe me; the natural world feels better than the reel. 

Final Verdict 

Watching Television during work hours can be advantageous to someone. On the contrary, it may reduce the level of productivity of the other. 

Know your comfort before turning on your TV and sitting back to work.

A little TV break can be a fulfilling experience, but it is better to avoid the practice if it causes difficulty getting back to the pace of work. 

Some people may turn on the TV for background noise or sounds, not to make the working space feel too quiet. If this works for you, go for it. 

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