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Explore Waylaid Supplies In Wow SoD

Getting the Waylaid Supplies in WoW SoD is extremely difficult. 

However, if players follow a few measures and find the traveler’s location, they can get the Supplies.

The Waylaid Supplies contains unique items every time a Waylaid Traveler drops. However, only one Shipment can be stored in the inventory at a time unless players turn in shipments by traveling to Auction Houses in the main cities.

Continue reading to explore the Waylaid Supplies and the process to obtain it in WoW SoD.

What Is Waylaid Supplies In WoW SoD?

The Waylaid Supplies/Shipment is the list of goods many random enemies drop off.

Players can get rare and exclusive items in it to progress through in Season of Discovery.

Moreover, the Waylaid Supplies were added to the Patch update.

Players will get unique items each time they extract the Waylaid Supplies from the ferocious mob.

All mobs that carry the Shipment are different; hence, players should invest some time finding the loot.

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Waylaid Supplies Issue In WoW SoD

While exploring the game and climbing through the ranks, players can quickly get hands-on with the Waylaid Shipments.

However, there is one problem that continuously frustrates the players.

Players can only carry one Waylaid Supplies at a time; hence, they miss out on many unique items.

If players have more than five supplies, they must sacrifice each.

As a result, players lose out on tons of credit and reputations, which affects future quests and buys. 

Players must turn in the shipments first to carry multiple shipments simultaneously, which could be extremely tricky.

Initially, players must invest loads of time and search the exact location for Shipments of Goods.

How To Turn In Shipments?

Players can turn in the Shipment to secure the Waylaid Supplies loot outside the auction house.

Moreover, Players can visit the Auction House to find other inventories and sell the items.

Most of the hubs or central areas have Auction Houses that offer the same sets of items.

Hence, players can find any stores to turn in the shipments, but players must identify the faction and the NPC.

Players can travel to big cities, including Darnassus, Exodar, Ironforge, and StormWind City, for convenience.

Auction hoouse wow sod
Players need to head to any Auction Houses in the main city.

Players will find multiple factions, so approach one for Shipments of Goods.

Waylaid Shipment In WoW

The Waylaid Shipment is also one of the quests players can engage in the early game.

Players will require level 1 to play the Waylaid Shipment in World of Warcraft.

Moreover, players will unlock the mission when they reach level 8.

Unfortunatley, the low-difficulty quest is not rewarding, as players will receive a single coin and 70 experience.

The Bottom Line

The latest patch of World Of Warcraft has frustrated many fans, as the Wailand Supplies drop too commonly to be unique.

Moreover, even if players find exclusive items, they must sacrifice them until they turn in the shipments.

Hopefully, the newly introduced Humanoid NPC: Waylaid Traveler will guide players for the goods.

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