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Unlocking Basement Exit In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Basement Exit is one of the possible exits in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Moreover, the Exit lies within one of the murder quests in the game.

The Basement Exit is the route to escape the Family House event in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Players should reach for Toolbox and Solve the Fuse-box puzzle to unlock a path.

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What Is Basement Exit? 

The Basement Exit is one of the four map exits of the Family House quest in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

As the game is based on thrilling murders and has a darker theme, playing the events is not easy.

In contrast, players have to unlock the exit without giving a possible hint to the killers of the station.

Over there, when there is a warning signal, players have to unlock a getaway to run off the scary location.

Here, the Basement exit is the best and fastest way to escape the location.

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Basement Exit In the Family House

If players are trying to exit from the Family House in the game, ensure to follow the procedure;

1. Search The Toolbox

After starting the event, players should escape from deteriorating conditions in the South Cell.

Then, wake up the grandpa using the Phone Scrap and ensure to avoid the detection by him.

Further, search for a Toolbox in one of the rooms inside the cold room.

Players will get a key inside the Toolbox, take the items and go through the narrow path.

After that, open the wooden door in the corridor.

2. Open The Metal Door

After heading through the corridor, players will reach the basement storage.

Ensure to pass through the dummy and head to the metal door.

Use the key obtained from the box to unlock the door.

Basement Storage
Unlock the Metal Door in the basement.

Further, search for a similar Toolbox in the rear basement to grab another key.

3.  Search The Fusebox

Head upwards on the first floor and enter the living room to get the fuse.

Again, go to the second floor using the secret wall and stairs.

Search and unlock the fusebox at the upper storage.

4. Restore The Power

Add the relative colors and numbers to add to the numbers of the fuse box.

Ensure to add the number eight, number of blue and one number of pink in the first row.

Then, put the numbers six and three in the second row, respectively, to solve the puzzle.

basement exit texas chainsaw massacre
Solve the Puzzle in the upper storage.

5. Search For The Exit

After restoring the power, search for the Fusebox tunnel on the ground floor.

The door will be unlocked; follow the door for the Basement Exit.

basement exit texas chainsaw massacre
Exit from the Fusebox Tunnel’s door.

The Basement exit door closes quickly, so it better not waste time.

Also, players will listen to a creepy sound while exiting, so be sure to run off quickly to avoid death.

The Bottom Line

The Basement Exit is one of the various exits in the Family House Quest.

Ensure to find the two keys and fix the fusebox to unlock a getaway from the location.

This is, by bar, the easiest and fastest route for exit; nonetheless, players can choose other routes as well. 

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