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What Does The Star Mean In Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, players are revolving around one question that is what does the star symbol mean?

Moreover, players keep seeing the star in a list of commands and combos and wonder how it works.

It is very important to recognize and interpret symbols correctly to execute combos accurately in Tekken 8.

Continue reading to find out more about what does the star mean in Tekken 8.

What Does The Star Mean In Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, getting good at mastering combo moves is super important if you want to win in practice and against other players.

But figuring out how to read the moves can be hard, especially if you’re new to the game or coming from other fighting games.

One thing that confuses a lot of players in Tekken 8 is the star symbol (*).

Players often see this symbol in a list of commands and combos which is why they are curious to know its meaning and significance.

Star Symbols Means Neutral Input

In Tekken 8 move notation, the star symbol represents a neutral input.

When you see the star symbol (*), it means you’re not pressing any direction on the controller.

However, neutral input is a quite tricky term to understand so let’s break it down to what it mean.

When you’re playing Tekken 8, your character is constantly moving and reacting to your inputs on the controller.

In simple terms, your character moves and interacts with the game based on what you are doing with the controller.

Hence, you can make them go up, down, left, or right, and you can also make them attack by pressing buttons.

Meaning of star symbol in Tekken 8
In Tekken 8, the star symbol means neutral input which means pause before the next move of the combo.

Furthermore, a neutral input is a pause or a break in the inputs of the controller you are controlling.

It means you release any directional buttons you are pressing and return the controller to a neutral position by not pressing any button.

In addition, when you make no movements or press any buttons, it’s called a neutral input.

The star symbol is a brief pause that helps players execute the combo effectively and improve gameplay in Tekken 8.

Hence, it’s like taking a little break from giving commands to your character.

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Why Is The Star Important In Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, it is very important to understand what the star symbol means as it is crucial for executing combos accurately.

When you know the uses of the star symbol and its significance in the game, you can pull off combo moves just right.

In Tekken 8, when you are doing the combo moves, you chain together a bunch of moves and attack fast.

Hence, the star symbol tells you when to take a quick pause or reset before doing the next move in the combo.

This helps you make sure your moves are precise and that you’re ready for the next part of the combo.

Tekken 8 star symbol
When you see the star symbol in the command list and combo, take a brief pause before the next move.

Take A Brief Pause To Pull Of Combos

If you are following a combo notation that reads 1, 1,*,2,3+4 in Tekken 8, you will indeed stumble upon the meaning of the star.

1,1 indicates you to press the left punch button twice in succession.

The star symbol (*) indicates you release all directional inputs and return the controller to a neutral position.

Likewise, 2 indicates you to press the right punch button in Tekken 8.

3+4 indicates you press both the left kick and right kick buttons simultaneously.

In this example, the star symbol (*) means that you must take a quick break after doing the second left punch.

Hence, the pause must be between the second left punch and the right punch according to the notation.

This break helps you reset your controller before doing the next move in the combo.

Moreover, if you see the star symbol together with a number then it means you to hold.

For instance, *2 means you must hold 2 in Tekken 8, making a fight bit passive.

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