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How To Create Or Fight Adolf Hitler In Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 recently added Adolf Hitler as one of the new guest characters on the list.

Hence, this surprising addition is raising eyebrows and fans are curious how the game will handle this historical character.

Many are curious how the game developer will mix up real history with fictional stories in Tekken 8.

Continue reading to find out more about the inclusion of Adolf Hitler in Tekken 8 and how to create him in the game.

Adolf Hitler In The Guest Character List Of Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is making headlines for adding an unconventional character rooster, Adolf Hitler in the game.

The unexpected addition is surprising to many players and it is creating quite a discussion in the gaming community.

While many players are excited to play the role of Adolf Hitler in the game, some are showing concerns about it.

Many players are negative about it and wondering if it’s okay to have historical figures in video games.

Adding Adolf Hitler in Tekken 8
The addition of Adolf Hitler in the fighting game of Tekken 8 is creating quite a controversy in the Tekken community.

This inclusion of Adolf Hitler in Tekken 8 is a controversial act as he is linked with such big events in the past.

Furthermore, Adolf Hitler is the infamous dictator who is responsible for causing World War II and the Holocaust.

Usually, the characters in most video games are fictional and do not exist in the real world.

However, adding Adolf Hitler in Tekken 8 has everyone talking and arguing whether it’s a good idea or not.

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Why Is Hitler Coming To Tekken 8 Controversial?

Even though Tekken 8 has many characters, putting a real historical figure known for World War II has mixed reactions.

Furthermore, the Tekken community has a lot to say about Hitler unexpectedly joining the game.

People are talking about it on forums, social media, and Reddit by expressing their opinions.

In addition, players are trying to figure out what will be the storyline of Adolf Hitler in the game and how to fight him.

The problem with Hitler being in Tekken 8 is that it deals with real history.

Some players believe it’s not a good idea to use a character like that in a fighting game.

Whereas some player states it was a surprising and brave decision by the game makers.

Balancing The History With Tekken’s Storyline

Tekken 8 is meant to be fun for players but the game must be careful while telling stories of Hitler.

This is because Hitler is connected to our past and was able to turn the whole world upside down.

So, it is important not to make light of or glorify Hitler in the game as it can send the wrong message to the world.

Players often play video games to escape reality and delve deep into the fictional world of the game.

In addition, the fictional characters and their powers in Tekken 8 provide a creative storyline.

However, including a historical figure kind of blurs the line of a fictional world for the players.

On top of that, the game developers must also be aware of and represent Hitler by respecting the historical events.

How To Create Adolf Hitler In Tekken 8?

Players can create the character Adolf Hitler in Tekken 8 by customizing his looks.

The first step is to mimic the hairstyle of Adolf Hitler in the in-game character.

So go to your character customization section select side parting as your hairstyle and make it black.

Next, go to the accessories section of the character customization and select glasses.

To mimic the exact glasses of Adolf Hitler, choose the Joke Shop Glasses.

Create Adolf hitler in Tekken 8
Players can create Adolf Hitler in the customization section of Tekken 8 by choosing Joke Shop Glasses, Regular Style A outfit, etc.

The Joke Shop Glasses come with a mustache and give the exact look of Hitler.

Change the color of the glasses to creme and the color of the mustache to black.

Now, you must go to the upper body and lower body sections and choose an outfit called Regular Style A for both.

Likewise, choose Miniature Tank C as the lower accessory and Dragunob B illustration by JBSTYEL as the character panel.

By doing this you get to select  4 sequences of animation for the Adolf Hitler you just created.

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