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Best Customization Ideas For King In Tekken 8

Customization in Tekken 8 allows players to visually modify King, but current feedback indicates a perceived limitation in options.

However, the best way to judge King’s customization is to jump in and experiment for yourself.

Likewise, other Tekken games offered more freedom with separate tops and bottoms for even wilder combinations.

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Character Customization In Tekken 8

In Tekken 8, character customization refers to the feature that allows players to modify the appearance of their in-game fighters.

This includes changing various aspects such as outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and more to give each character a personalized look.

Likewise, the customization system offers options like “full body,” “head,” “accessory,” “upper body,” “lower body,” and “shoes.”

Players can select from a variety of clothing items, adjust colors, and add accessories to create a unique style for their characters.

However, it appears that players have expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of customization in Tekken 8.

Hence, some concerns include:

  • the limited availability of face paints
  • the absence of diverse outfits
  • restrictions on removing parts of default outfits
 illustration by JUNNY
The character panel includes illustrations by JUNNY as well.
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King Customization Ideas In Tekken 8

In Tekken 8, the customization options for King Fighter allow players to artistically modify their appearance.

Some of the King customization ideas are:

1. Artistic Freedom

The customization feature empowers players to color every aspect of King’s outfit.

Additionally, this includes his iconic mask, wrestling boots, and all the attire in between.

Imaginations can run from neon stripes on gloves to a sky-blue jaguar mask or even rainbow-colored wrestling tights.

visually modify King
Customization allows players to visually modify King.

2. Accessorizing

Players have a range of accessories at their disposal, including hats, glasses, scarves, and more.

The freedom extends to outfitting King with unique items like a pirate eyepatch or a championship belt used as a headband.

Although outfits are one-piece, players can still create unique combinations by pairing them with different shoes and accessories.

For example, combining a neon green luchador outfit with biker boots and a bandana can result in a striking appearance.

3. Limited Freedom

Some beloved outfits from King’s past, like his Tekken 3 attire, are unfortunately absent in Tekken 8.

However, there is optimism about potential future customization packs.

Unlike Tekken 7, players can’t remove parts of the default outfits or mix and match tops and bottoms for more diverse looks.

While the selection of accessories is decent, it may not be as extensive as some players had hoped for.

The absence of certain masks and silly props could limit King’s stand-out potential.

customize every aspect
Players can customize every aspect of King including his iconic mask.

Even though customization does not play a pivotal role in combat, it shows a unique presence to any character.

However, players must spend quite a few cash if they want to have a boasting appearance among other fighters.

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