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What Happened To Jane Dot Com?

Users around the globe are curious about what exactly happened to Jane dot com.

Curiosity has been raised as few users are unable to use the platform. was down for maintenance, which made various sellers anxious as they are yet to hear from the company about their thousands of dollars, exceeding millions in total.

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What Happened To Jane Dot Com?

Jane is a popular marketplace based in Utah, USA, offering customers exclusive deals compared to other platforms.

Users can find items for women and children, beauty products, marriage and holidays.
Users can buy kids’ products, including T-shirts, in Jane.

Moreover, people are fond of home decor, and handmade and personalized products have an exclusive variety for reasonable prices.

Hence, many people chose over other marketplaces and online businesses.

Jane’s website was down on November 17, showing Down For Maintenance.

However, the vendors worry that the website and app are down for maintenance or permanently closed.

As people are heading toward the end of the financial year and are in the last quarter, they are worried about losing thousands of dollars. Controversy And Shutdown Rumours

As Jane is an online marketplace, the website connects various buyers and sellers independently or through the site.

However, after the website was down for a few days, many users were anxious if it was a permanent shutdown.

Additionally, vendors who sold their products didn’t have any response from Jane and were at risk of losing millions of dollars.

Some vendors complain about losing thousands of dollars, while the buyers still worry about losing a website with exclusive products.

what happened to jane dot com
Users pouring their frustration about on social media platforms.

As a result, the vendors are in the middle of the rumors and have to carry a risk.

If they continue to sell their products on the platform, they risk losing all the money.

Moreover, if they discontinue, they risk losing the business and have to search for an alternative.

The Buyers may have few alternatives, but the Vendors losing on more than a grand is definitely an offense.

Hence, Lehi Police is opening an investigation on, and the FBI will probably interrupt soon.

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Will Jane Dot Com Sellers Receive Their Cash?

As Lehi Police has already started investigating the online marketplace, a news update should arrive soon.

But for the queries of buyers are vendors, there is still no response from the Jane officials.

The Jane employees also complain about not receiving bonuses or severance pay.

Nonetheless, there is a massive relief as the Jane website is back from maintenance and is working.

Hence, there is a slightly higher chance of the Sellers getting their hard-earned cash back.

However, without getting the insights or the official confirmation, it is still hard to guarantee money assurance.

The Bottom Line

The news of permanently shutting down is invalid, as it was down for maintenance.

According to many sellers, they are still waiting for their product’s payment as the site is now working.

However, without getting the insights or the official confirmation, it is still hard to guarantee money assurance.

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