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6 Easy Ways To Fix Character AI Freezing Issue

Is your Character in Character AI freezing in mid-sentence while generating responses?

Don’t worry! You are not the only one encountering this problem in Character AI.

Users are experiencing Character AI freezing issues due to a mass influx of users, the server’s old database, glitches and bugs and the server being under maintenance.

But can we fix this freezing issue in Character AI as an end user?

In this article, we will learn why Character AI freezes and ways to fix if Character AI is freezing on your device.

Why Is Character AI Freezing?

Character AI uses the neural language model and GPT architecture to provide chatbot-like web applications to users.

Furthermore, you can create virtual AI Characters in CharacterAI and chat with them conversationally.

However, many users encounter issues when chatting with the Characters, like freezing in mid-sentence and not finishing sentences.

Some possible reasons for Character AI freezing on your device are;

  • A Mass Influx of Users
  • Server’s Old Database
  • Low Disk Space
  • Server under Maintenance
  • Glitches and Bugs
  • Complex Prompts
  • Slow Internet

Furthermore, this issue is primarily due to a possible outage in the server.

Character AI freezing
You can find out if Character AI is usually working or if it is having a possible outage.

As of May 2023, there are 241 reports regarding problems in Character AI.

How To Fix If Character AI Is Freezing?

Character AI faces many issues in its beta version, primarily due to the server’s old database, maintenance and mass influx of users.

We can only stay patiently for the servers of Character AI to work correctly if the freezing issue is due to the server’s instability.

However, we can try fixes on our end devices to fix the issue in Character AI.

1. Check Server Status

The first thing is to check the server status of the Character AI.

Sometimes, the server might be down or under maintenance while you try to access it, then Character AI will most likely throw you errors.

Character AI Current Status
You can check the server status of Character AI in Updownradar.

Furthermore, as in the above image, you should try to access Character AI only when the server status and status code are green.

2. Reload And Endure Waiting Time

You can reload Character AI if it is freezing frequently. Furthermore, you must wait a few minutes if Character AI returns to the waiting room after reloading.

waiting room of Character AI
Wait patiently for a few minutes in the Character AI’s waiting room.

After reloading and enduring the waiting time, it’s less likely to encounter the freezing issue with Character AI.

3. Check Disk Space

If your hard disk or disk space is at capacity, it can cause your device to freeze, slow down and crash.

You should check your disk capacity to rule out the possibility that this is the reason for Character AI freezing.

Furthermore, you can check your disk space by following the steps below.

  1. Search for Taskbar and click on it.
  2. Go to the Performance section and Check the Disk usage.
Checking disk usage in the task manager
You can check your disk performance in the task manager.

If the disk usage is more than 90%, your disk is at capacity and can create problems while using Character AI.

Moreover, you can free up disk space by using Disk Cleanup, killing all the background apps and restarting the device.

4. Provide Simple Prompts

Occasionally, providing complex prompts while chatting with the Characters can result in freezing or taking more time to respond.

Therefore, you should always try to chat naturally rather than giving complex and detailed prompts.

In addition, you can always change the responses from the Characters by clicking on the arrow button.

Changing responses of characters
Character AI can provide different responses to your prompts.

Therefore, before giving any complex prompts, you should also try changing and rating the responses to enhance the Character AI conversation.

5. Check The Internet Connection

Internet instability is less likely to be the reason for freezing issues in Character AI.

However, it is better to leave no stone unturned while fixing these issues.

Therefore, check your internet connection and troubleshoot issues regarding your network before accessing Character AI. and Speedtest are trusted websites where you can check your internet speed.
In addition, you can also check your internet speed in the performance section of the task manager on your device.
Checking wifi speed in task manager
Internet performance can be viewed in your Wi-fi Performance section.
Furthermore, restart your router and install ISP with higher bandwidth if you have unstable internet.

6. Report To The Support Team

If none of the above methods favor unfreezing the Character AI, you can try reporting to the support team.

Follow the steps below to report your issues to the Character AI team.

  1. Go to “,” the official website for Character AI.
  2. Look for “Report a Problem” in the Community section.
  3. Click on “Create Post” in the top-right corner.
Reporting problem to the support team.
Report your issue to the support team by sending an issue post.
  1. Enter your issues in the text section and click the “Post” button.

The Bottom Line

Character AI is in its experimental or beta version, so many users will encounter issues using it.

Furthermore, you may also suffer issues like freezing and Characters not finishing sentences during this beta stage.

Hopefully, developers will upgrade the system and databases to provide a more enjoyable experience using Character AI.

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