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What Happened To Royale High Roblox? Getting Deleted In 2024

Royale High is one of Roblox’s most popular and successful games, but what happened to it, and why is it facing a severe crisis?

The game attracted millions of players, but now many players are boycotting.

As a result, there’s a significant downfall in Royale High’s revenue, ratings, and player count, putting its future in jeopardy.

Continue reading to explore what happened to Royale High Roblox and what can be done to save it.

What Happened To Royale High Roblox?

Some players have been boycotting the Royale High Roblox for various reasons; however, not all players agree with the boycott.

Further, some defend the game and its developers, arguing that they are doing their best to create a fun and immersive game for everyone.

Some players have also suggested that the boycott is unnecessary and harmful.

Moreover, the players should instead support the game and its developers or stop playing if they are unhappy with the game.

Significantly, no official confirmation is that Royale High will get deleted from Roblox.

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Reasons For Boycotting The Royale High Roblox

Here are some of the reasons for boycotting the Royale High Roblox, leading to its downfall:

1. Gaming Greed

Players accuse the game’s developer, callmehbob, of being greedy, insensitive, and unfair.

Especially regarding the pricing and availability of specific items and features. 

For example, some players were outraged by releasing a limited-time set that cost USD 100.

However, it was only available for a week, with some proceeds going to a charity.

Some players felt this was a way of exploiting the players’ emotions and wallets.

Thus, the developers should have made the set more accessible and affordable or donated more money to the charity.

royale high downfall
A Reddit post on Royale High downfall.

2. Technical Issues And Glitches 

The game has also been experiencing technical issues and glitches that have affected the players’ progress and enjoyment. 

For instance, some players have reported losing their saved data, items, and diamonds due to a bug within Roblox.

Some players have also complained about the game’s performance, lag, and loading times, especially after the release of the new school map.

3. Player Dissatisfaction

Some players have encountered bullying, harassment, scamming, and hacking from other players.

Thus, the game’s community has also been criticized for being toxic, rude, and disrespectful. 

Some players have also expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s moderation, reporting, and feedback systems.

Generally, they feel that these systems are ineffective and unresponsive and are one of the causes of the downfall of Royale High.

How To Save Royale High From Deletion?

Some sources speculate that the game might be deleted by the end of 2024 if the situation does not improve.

There is no definitive answer to how to save the game from deletion, as it depends on the game’s developers, Roblox, and the players.

However, some possible ways to help the game are:

1. Support The Game And Its Developers

You can show appreciation and feedback for the game by leaving positive ratings, reviews, and comments on the game’s page.

Further, purchase diamonds or other items in the game to support the developers financially.

Moreover, follow the game’s social media accounts and join its community to stay updated and engaged with the game and its developers.

what happened to Royale high
There are several TikTok videos on Roblox Royale High boycott.

2. Report Technical Issues Or Bugs

You may encounter problems with the game, such as losing your data, items, or diamonds.

Thus, you can report them to the developers or Roblox through the game’s page or the support system.

Moreover, try to avoid any actions that might trigger these issues.

Thus, try uninstalling or reinstalling the game, changing your device or account, or using third-party tools or hacks.

3. Be Respectful And Friendly To Other Players

You can help create a positive and fun atmosphere in the game by being polite, kind, and helpful to other players.

Further, avoid any negative behaviors, such as bullying, harassing, scamming, or hacking other players.

Moreover, report players violating the game’s rules or Roblox’s terms of service.

4. Spread The Word And Invite Others

You can help increase the game’s popularity and player count.

Encourage your friends, family, or others about the game and why you enjoy it.

Moreover, you can share your gameplay, screenshots, or game videos on social media or other platforms.

You can also join or create events, parties, or clubs related to the game and invite others to join you.

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