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Discover The Location Of Blue Dress Girl In Royale High

Royale High is a high school-themed roleplaying dress-up game available on Roblox.

There is a blue girl and a shadow man who appears on a private server of the Royale High.

The blue girl in Royale High spawns to detect any hacking or exploiting bugs. Generally, you can find the blue girl at the entrance gate and the campus stairs.

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Who Is Blue Dress Girl In Royale High?

A blue girl is an NPC  that spawns to examine hacking on a private server.

She doesn’t harm, but if you are exploiting hacking, the developers will find out.

Additionally, she wears a blue dress and has wavy golden hair with bangs.

The Blue Girl in Royale High
This is the Blue Girl that appears on a private server

Players can only find her when they are alone on a private server of Royale High.

Since you are alone on the server, she might scare you when you see her for the first time.

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Where Can You Find Blue Girl?

There are no proper places for you to find the blue girl, but there are some places where the blue girl usually spawns. 

Likewise, you can find the blue girl at the entrance gate and the campus stairs of Royale High.

Therefore, these are the places where most of the players have seen the blue girl. But, She is commonly seen at the entrance.

Similarly, you can also find her near the stairs of the school. In some cases, she spawns behind the stairs railings.

When you find the blue girl, she will disappear after being close to her.

Community Discussion About Blue Girl

Since there is no official confirmation from the game developers about her identity or purpose.

However, players are creating theories about the blue girl and her purpose.

Likewise, there is a chance that game developers are trying to add some characters to the game.

community discussion of reddit
This is the community discussion of Blue Girl on Reddit.

Similarly, some players have stated that these are glitches that can be fixed in future updates.

The community discussion also states that she appears when you get AFK for a while.

Mysterious Characters like Blue Girl In Royale High

In Royale High, there are many mysteries about the blue girl and the shadow man.

However, these two are different, but the game developers state nothing.

The Shadow Man

The Shadow Man is also an NPC character that you will find in Royale High.

Similarly, you can only find him in Campus 2 on private servers.

This is the glimpse of the shadow man in Royale High.

Shadow Man appears for a split second and disappears when you try to look at him again.

It also has some theories that the shadow man is like a tool to take a recording from a different angle.

The Shadow Man scares players because of its unwelcome presence in an isolated private server.

Similarly, many players have been questioning the presence of these two NPCs.

The Bottom Line

The Blue Girl and the Shadow Man might have some purpose which might be revealed in the future.

Furthermore, you have to stay tuned with the game to find and unfold the mystery of these characters.

You can contact the game developers to report the issue of the blue girl to get proper feedback.

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