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Guide To Royale High Glitterfrost 2024 Halo Event Answers

Royale High has just dropped its Winter 2024 update to introduce a new question and answers event alongside an exclusive Halo reward.

This is a questionnaire event where players must pick the correct answers to get a +Halo chance.

In Royale High, since the questions for the Halo event 2024 are randomized players must note the correct answers for each storyline question. Upon picking the correct answers, players will be rewarded with a +Halo chance, increasing their chance to obtain the Frosty Fortitude Halo.

Continue reading this article to learn all the answers to the Glitterfrost Halo event is Royale High.

What Is Glitterfrost Halo Event In Royale High?

Royale High is a fantasy RPG game where players can enjoy the world as a princess.

The game is no stranger when it comes to new events and is constantly releasing holiday-themed events.

Interacting with the fountain to get a Halo
The Glitterfrost Halo event 2023 in Royale High.

Similarly, the game has introduced its winter-themed event called the Glitterfrost Halo event.

Here, players can take part in a Q&A event at the fountain inside Campus 3 to get these rewards:

  • Diamonds
  • XP
  • Halo 
  • Nothing

However, they must note that players can only make a wish in the fountain every 2 hours.

But they must rest easy as the Glitterfrost Halo event will be active until the end of January.

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How To Get The Halo In Royale High?

Obtaining the Frosty Fortitude Halo in Glitterfrost 2023 is easy if players note down the structure of the event.

Frosty Fortitude Halo Royale high
The exclusive Frosty Fortitude Halo in Royale High.

Therefore, players must note down the following points to obtain the Halo at the fountain.

  1. Firstly, players must head into Campus 3 and locate the crystal fountain in the area.
  2. Then, players must click on the “make a wish” prompt to proceed with the questions.
  3. These questions are randomized each time when players interact with the fountain.
  4. Upon answering correctly, players have a 1/4 or 2/4 chance to receive a Halo from the fountain.
  5. However, they can only make a wish every 2 hours in the fountain to take part in the Q&A.

All Royale High Fountain Answers 2024

After interacting with the fountain, players will face one of these questions each time.

Therefore, it is beneficial for them if they take guidance from the chart below:

Story CreatorThemeAnswer
BluethemouseGlitterfrost EventB
ChantelDesire / T0N1_03Choose a cookieA,C
DiamondGoggles 1Baking CompetitionC,D
FashionistaQueen56Sculpting CompetitionA
Gemstonewater ExploringA
GhostlyDamsel Items ShopD
ItsTotallyNotSav SnowstormD
Miss0pa07 Pick something funA
misswillowpuff Ice FairyA
muffin_WAT/ Honeydewis_backFox and PathsB,D
P1nk_catt/ tigersnow7Glitterfrost BallC
PastelMoon_7/ xS0n1aFrozen WingsA
phoebephase Snowball GameB,C
SlytherinQueen1116Iceskating with FriendsC,D
StarliePuff Choose a TreeA

Players must pick the correct answers from the chart to get an increased chance of receiving the Halo.

The Bottom Line

The fountain Q&A event is the only chance for players to obtain the exclusive Frosty Fortitude Halo.

Therefore, it is best that players prepare well for these questions as they appear every 2 hours.

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