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What Phrase Symbolizes Summer Quiz Answer Persona 3 Reload

Persona has revamped the original story and graphics of the original game in Persona 3 Reload.

Even so, the game has made slight changes to the quizzes, making the game slightly difficult.

Currently, players need to complete the “What phrase symbolizes summer” quiz and its answer is quite confusing.

Continue reading to learn the answer to the “What symbolizes summer” question in Persona 3 Reload.

Where Does “What Phrase Symbolizes Summer” Appear In Persona 3?

Persona 3 Reload is a mix of style between RPG and simulation as its world is very vast.

Hence, it introduces many elements of life like schools and exams into the game for the protagonist.

Similarly, the protagonist/players will constantly face questions whenever they attend their classes.

What symbolizes summer question persona 3 reload
The in-game appearance of the “What phrase Symbolizes Summer” quiz in Persona 3.

One such question is “What Symbolizes Summer” which is asked when players attend the school in April.

Miss Toriumi asks this question during one of the classes to Junpei Iori to test his attentiveness.

Upon answering it correctly, players will receive a +1 charm which helps to boost their social stats.

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Answer To “What Phrase Symbolizes Summer” In Persona 3

This specific question is a “quiz” in Persona 3 Reload, meaning that players must tackle this question on the spot.

Also, players will notice that the game presents them with three options for this specific question. They are:

  • A Rain of Flowers
  • Mystical Mirage
  • Vivid Carp Streamers

The correct answer to this question is option 3, which is “Vivid Carp Streamers” which grants a +1 charm.

Vivid carp streamers is the correct answer in persona 3 reload
The correct answer to the “What Phrase Symbolizes Summer” question is “Vivid Carp Streamers”.

On the other hand, the remaining two options are incorrect even though they contain some elements of summer.

Finally, the player’s classmates will have a good opinion of him upon answering correctly.

Explanation Of Answer To “What Phrase Symbolizes Summer” Quiz

This question is one of the trickiest in the entire game as all three options are similar.

Initially, players want to pick option A: A Rain of Flowers as it looks more relevant to the question.

However, this is incorrect as Miss Toriumi explains that Haiku poets use the Lunar calendar to refer to seasons.

ms toriumi explaining why the other 2 options are incorrect
Ms Toriumi explains all the answers after picking the correct answer in Persona 3 Reload.

Therefore, the word “summer” in the question does not point at a typical summer but a lunar summer.

To back this explanation, Ms Toriumi confirms that the remaining 2 options are for referring to the Spring.

Hence, players must pick “Vivid Carp Streamers” as this phenomenon occurs during April.

Does Answering Incorrectly Have Consequences In Persona 3?

No, answering incorrectly during quizzes does not have any consequences for the players.

However, they cannot accumulate charm points which can help them to boost their social status.

On the other hand, answering incorrectly during the exams gets players into a tough spot.

This is because players get special rewards for getting the top score in each exam.

Additionally, they must place first in at least one exam to start a social link later in the game.

Therefore, players can replay the game and answer everything correctly to reach a different outcome.

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