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When Is Goku Black Leaving The Item Shop In Fortnite?

After the arrival of Goku Black in the item shop, players are wondering when is it leaving the shop in Fortnite.

Both Dragon Ball and Fortnite fans are excited to have the Goku Black Skin in the Fortnite item shop.

Players are curious to know when Goku Black is leaving the item shop in Fortnite to avoid missing out on purchasing its iconic skin. Likewise, the exact date of Goku Black Skin leaving the item shop is uncertain so players should purchase it as soon as possible.

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Goku Black Return To The Item Shop In Fortnite

The return of Goku Black to the item shop in Fortnite is creating excitement in the Fortnite community.

Goku Black is a popular character from the Dragon Ball series who is making a comeback in Fortnite.

Furthermore, players are all excited and eager to add the Goku black iconic skin to their collection.

In Fortnite, Goku Black is a character known for his fierce fighting abilities and unique aesthetic.

Goku black skin
Goku Black Skin is back in the item shop for $1500 and the whole bundle for $3100.

The item shop is introducing not only Goku Black Skin but also other Dragon Ball characters to the game.

However, Goku Black Skin is available for only a limited time for players in the item shop.

Hence, the Goku Black skin leaves the item shop after a certain period making it a more desirable skin in the game.

When Was Goku Black Available On Item Shop?

As per the available information, Goku Black was last featured in the item shop on October 24, 2023.

Furthermore, players were only able to collect the Goku Black Skin for the next 4-5 days after its featuring date.

As it was available for a short time, many players were sad as they were unable to purchase the skin.

Additionally, players were eagerly waiting for his comeback and waiting for the second return in Fortnite.

Players were anticipating the return of Goku Black in the last week of December or early weeks of January 2024.

Thus, Fortnite brought the Goku Black Skin back and featured it in the item shop on December 29, 2023.

When Is Goku Black Leaving The Item Shop?

After the return of Goku Black on Item Shop, players can finally buy its skin and flaunt it during gameplay.

Similarly, players are wondering when Goku Black is leaving the item shop in Fortnite.

Based on the information provided by the various users across the several gaming communities, the answers are diverse.

Some players believe that the Goku Black Skin lacks a significant event or collaboration, and can only last for a few days.

Others believe that the legendary Goku Black Skin will last potentially for two weeks or even more.

Nevertheless, players can anticipate it to be available for 2 weeks based on its previous releases.

Since the exact removal date of Goku Black Skin from the shop is uncertain, players should purchase the skin ASAP.

Features About The Goku Black Skin In Fortnite

Players love the Goku Black skin in Fortnite and claim it to be the best skin in the entire Dragon Ball collab.

You can find the Goku Black Bundle in the item shop which consists of Goku black skin and his weapons like Ki-Scythe and Ki-sword.

Furthermore, the best feature of Goku Black is it can transform into Super Saiyan Rose emotes.

Goku Black is an evil version of Goku who switched bodies with Goku using the Super Dragon Balls.

Hence, this skin is a part of the Dragon Ball set that was introduced in chapter 4 of season 2 in Fortnite.

Goku charging up emote fortnite
Black Goku can transform into Super Saiyan Rose form with pink hair by charging up.

You can get Goku’s Black stunning charging-up built-in emotes to transform into Super Saiyan Rose when you buy the Goku Black skin bundle.

In addition, you can buy the Goku Black skin bundle for the price of 3100 in the items shop.

However, you can get the Goku Black skin and transformation emote for only 1500.

The price for the Ki-sword and Ki-Scythe is 800 each in the item shop.

The Bottom Line

The exact duration of Goku Black’s availability is uncertain as it is affected by several factors like in-game events and collaboration.

Therefore, purchase the skin before it leaves the item shop and avoid missing out if Goku Black is your favorite character.

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