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Where Is The Cauldron And The Witch In Bloxburg?

The Cauldron is an item from the Halloween Quest in Bloxburg which is introduced once you meet Sabrina The Witch.

Her questline focuses mainly on brewing potions with specific descriptions by putting the correct ingredients into the Cauldron.

However, players seem to not find the Cauldron even after looking around entirely at Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard

In Bloxburg, players are misled as they don’t need to search the entire area for the Cauldron; it’s actually right behind Sabrina’s Stall inside the Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Questline and the Cauldron.

Halloween Quest In Bloxburg

Bloxburg is a popular simulation game on the Roblox platform, known for its engaging gameplay and extensive customization options.

It also captures the different festivities from real life into the game by launching various events throughout the year.

Hence, a Halloween event was added to the game this year, including Sabrina the Witch and her quest line.

Sabrina is a purple-haired NPC that appears in a Witch costume at Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard.

She has her own stall at the Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard which focuses on selling food items along with potions.

In additions,  primarily sells items like cotton candy, ice cream, corndog, popcorn and the Witches Brew.

However, she is your main lead in order to unfold the secrets of the Haunted House Mansion.

Currently, she only assigns a new quest once daily, meaning that players need to wait 24 hrs to receive a new one.

It is currently unknown how long this event will last so players have no option but to wait and see for themselves.

But players online are speculating that the event might be active for an entire month since it was the same for the Xmas event.

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Where Is Sabrina In Bloxburg?

Sabrina The Witch is a key character of the Halloween Event as players must complete her quests to access The Haunted Mansion.

In order to locate her accurately, go through these steps:

  1. Start from the Pizza side so that we can guide you precisely. Then go straight until you reach the uphill road.
  2. Follow the road until you see two different roads and take the left one.
  3. Keep progressing through this road until you see the ice cream sign(left side of the screen).
  4. Once you get there, you will see a pathway leading to the other side of the road. Take this road
  5. Continue to take this path until you see Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard.
Sabrina’s stall in the Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard.
  1. Move past the Mansion and interact with the Witch NPC who is Sabrina herself.

Location And Uses Of The Cauldron

The Cauldron as the name suggests is a prop that is connected with Sabrina’s Halloween Questline.

Moreover, the item is frequently used for daily quests in order to brew various potions.

To find this Cauldron, players can start by locating Sabrina The Witch and her stall.

Players can find Sabrina’s stall right behind the Mansion in the Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard.

Interacting with her will open a questline connected to the current Halloween Event.

The Cauldron will be mentioned during the second day of the Halloween Event.

Cauldron In Bloxburg
Cauldron beside Sabrina’s stall.

To locate this Cauldron, just go around Sabrina’s stall to reveal a giant pot with green liquid inside.

As aforementioned, the core purpose of the Cauldron is just to help the players to brew specific potions.

Brewing a potion is a fairly easy task as it only requires dropping the right ingredients into the pot.

But note that players may need to use the Cauldron throughout the Halloween event to unfold The Haunted Mansion’s secrets.

The Bottom Line

The Cauldron and Sabrina are all part of the Halloween event in Bloxburg this year.

As of now, only five days have passed in the event, meaning that just five quests have been offered.

And the Haunted House is still a mystery as the Halloween Event has just started.

However, players should complete Sabrina’s daily quest and wait patiently until they can access this building.

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