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What Is Lensa App? Is It Free?

Lensa is a picture editing app that allows users to enhance selfies and retouch existing photos.

It offers various tools to improve facial skin, adjust backgrounds, and more. 

However, the real question is if the Lensa app is free.

Lensa is free to download and use but offers in-app purchases for some premium features and subscriptions.

In this article, we will discuss what the Lensa app is, its features, how it works and whether it is free.

What Is Lensa App?

Lensa is a popular picture editing app designed to elevate the quality of selfies and enhance existing photos easily.

It offers many tools and features that cater to users looking to perfect their images and achieve stunning results.

Furthermore, the app’s main objective is to allow users to retouch their photos and achieve flawless-looking selfies.

Additionally, it employs advanced AI technology to automate the editing process, making it accessible and user-friendly for beginners and experienced photo enthusiasts.

Features Of Lensa

Lensa app offers a range of impressive features to enhance and retouch selfies and photos.

  • Facial Skin Enhancement: The app’s advanced AI technology smoothens and perfects facial skin, providing a flawless complexion in selfies.
  • Background Adjustments: Users can easily modify the background of their photos, including blurring & highlighting. They can even customize the surroundings to create visually appealing compositions.
  • AI-Powered Editing: The app utilizes artificial intelligence to automate the editing process. This makes it effortless for users to achieve professional-looking results without extensive manual editing.
  • Avatars and Presets: Users can select from various avatars and editing presets that offer different enhancement styles. This allows users for personalized and creative adjustments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface makes it accessible to beginners and experienced photo enthusiasts.
create your own avatars in Lensa
You can create your avatars in Lensa.

How Does Lensa App Work?

Lensa uses advanced AI technology to enhance and retouch selfies and photos in a user-friendly manner.

Here’s how it typically works.

  1. Firstly, download the Lensa app on your mobile device.
Download the Lensa app
Download the Lensa app on your device.
  1. You are prompted to select your gender from the available options.
Select your gender to edit your avatar
Select your gender to edit your avatar accordingly.
  1. You can then choose the number of avatars you want to generate.
  2. Then, you can select 10-20 selfies or photos you wish to edit here.

After selecting the photos, the app’s AI engine processes the photos and applies various enhancements based on the chosen presets.

The generated avatars with the applied enhancements are presented to you.

You can preview and compare the different edits to see which best suits their preferences.

Is Lensa App Free?

Lensa offers a one-week free trial for users to explore and experience its features without charge.

However, after the free trial period, continued usage of the app may require a subscription.

Furthermore, users can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription plan to access the full range of features and avatars.

The prices for the subscription are $7.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

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The Bottom Line

Lensa is a powerful picture editing tool that utilizes AI technology to enhance selfies and photos.

Moreover, this provides users with various features like facial skin enhancement and background adjustments.

The app’s AI-generated avatars add a unique and entertaining element to the editing process.

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