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White Terror Ff7 Rebirth: Facing The Ferocious Wolf

In Ff7 Rebirth, White Terror is an aggressive wolf who has survived a grievous injury sustained during a battle for dominance.

His aggressive nature makes him a formidable foe, requiring careful planning and skillful execution in combat.

However, to pressure the White Terror, players must focus on dealing with damage and blocking White Terror’s attacks.

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What Is White Terror In Ff7 Rebirth?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth features a visually stunning and immersive environment along with lots of formidable bosses and enemies.

In this game, players will encounter various bosses and danger lurks at every turn, presenting challenges for them to overcome.

Similarly, one of the forbidding bosses that players will encounter in their adventurous journey is the White Terror.

White Terror wolf is fast and repeatedly drops powerful charge attacks
White Terror wolf is fast and repeatedly drops powerful charge attacks.

White Terror is a profoundly overpowered wolf, a fast-moving creature with no elemental weaknesses.

In addition, his attacks, like Spinning Strikes and Earsplitting Howl, are incredibly dangerous. 

Upon navigating through the Grassland, the first region in Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth players will encounter White Terror.

They need to defeat this incredibly dangerous boss in the FF7 Rebirth Livestock’s Bane Quest.

However, competing against the White Terror at the recommended level for the quest will present a significant challenge for players.

This formidable foe, with his unmatched speed and lack of elemental weaknesses, demands careful planning and strategy to overcome.

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How To Beat White Terror In Ff7 Rebirth?

In FF7 Rebirth, facing off against the White Terror requires a strategic approach, particularly when it comes to pressuring him.

Players must master the art of timing and defence to diminish the White Terror’s energy, rather than solely relying on brute force.

Moreover, they need to adapt their combat strategy based on the creature’s energy levels.

Here are some tips and tricks to defeat White Terror in the game:

1. Quick And Agile Squad Selection

Throughout the battle, the White Terror gradually amasses energy over time.

Hence, players must choose the party members with high agility and speed attributes, enabling them to deliver rapid blows during combat.

Characters with high agility and speed can not only attack more frequently but also move around the battlefield with ease.

This enables them to maintain offensive pressure on the White Terror while evading his attacks effectively.

However, players can choose characters like Aerith and Red XIII who provide valuable support to their party.

2. Energy Depletion

Actively engaging in combat with the White Terror by dealing damage or blocking his attacks is essential for depleting his energy reserves.

However, players must focus on delivering relentless attacks to gradually deplete the White Terror’s energy reserves.

How to beat the White Terror in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 1
After depleting the White Terror’s energy, it can become pressured, potentially giving the players’ party a chance to Stagger it.

Once the White Terror’s energy has been completely depleted through sustained combat and successful blocking, it will enter a pressured state.

3. Activate Unbridled Rage

Players must continue the assault to maintain a relentless assault on the White Terror for staggering it.

However, staggering the White Terror will create an opening for further attacks.

Subsequently, players must use the Unbridled Strength which is Tifa‘s default ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

They must take advantage of Tifa’s Unbridled Rage ability during the staggered state.

This ability enhances Tifa’s combat abilities, increasing her damage output and enabling her to execute powerful attacks.

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