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FF7 Rebirth: How To Pressure Enemy?

In Final Fantasy (FF7) Rebirth, players should learn to put pressure on the enemy to defeat it easily.

Similarly, players can also focus on combat strategy to overcome the formidable enemies in the game.

Among all these combat strategies, mastering the art of pressurizing enemies on the battlefield is more efficient.

Continue reading to learn more about how to put pressure on enemies in Final Fantasy 7.

 Pressure Mechanics In FF7 Rebirth

Pressure in FF7 Rebirth generally means the ability to knock enemies off their balance and stagger them during that moment.

Similarly, it is a status effect that indicates an enemy has been knocked off balance and is critical to any damage.

If the enemy is being pressurized during the game, the stagger gauge fills up at an accelerated rate.

Applying Pressure On Enemies In FF7 Rebirth
Always check the gauge below the opponent’s HP to know if the enemy is being pressurized.

Likewise, it is a prime opportunity for players to unleash a devastating attack on the opponent to knock him down easily.

Keep an eye on the yellow gauge below the enemy’s health bar to know their pressure limit and their vulnerability.

As soon as you notice the bar going below average, choose your ultimate power and finish the opponent easily.

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How Do You Trigger Pressure In FF7 Rebirth?

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, there are many ways to pressure your enemy into successfully defeating them.

Here are several ways to induce pressure on enemies in FF7 Rebirth:

1. Inflict Damage Repeatedly

One of the easiest ways to pressure the enemy is to inflict damage repeatedly during the battle.

Likewise, dealing with a significant amount of damage to an enemy can trigger pressure instantly.

Players can use their party’s abilities and spells to deplete their HP and make the battle in their favor.

Thus, you should not stop and keep shooting at the enemies until their yellow gauge is at its minimum.

2. Identify Enemy Weaknesses

Another proper way to pressure the enemy is by identifying their weaknesses.

Similarly, players should identify and exploit the enemy’s weakness to inflict maximum damage.

Learn the mechanisms of the enemies, as certain enemies are more susceptible to specific types of attacks or elements.

Make sure you experiment with different strategies to discover the enemy’s vulnerability to maximizing pressure.

3. Destroy Body Parts

You might come across several formidable enemies during your battle in Final Fantasy Rebirth 7.

Among these enemies, you can spot the larger enemies that can be destroyed with your attacks.

Pressure By Separating Body Parts in FF7 Rebirth
Players can put pressure on enemies by discreting enemy parts in FF7 Rebirth.

Likewise, focus on targeting and destroying these body parts, as it can disrupt the opponent’s balance and form.

Thus, destroying the body parts of the larger enemies allows you to induce maximum pressure on them.

4. Master Parrying

Parrying is one of the best mechanisms to induce pressure on your opponents.

You can use parrying to pressurize the enemies, who mainly focus on melee battles.

Make sure you learn to use parrying against these adversaries to send them into a pressured state in FF7 Rebirth.

Additionally, players should utilize Cloud’s Punisher Mode and timely blocks to counter enemy attacks.

Effective Use Of Stagger Opportunities

Once you have successfully pressurized enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, it is mandatory to use that opportunity.

Make sure to take this pressurized state as a chance to stagger the enemies to secure an easy victory against them.

Staggering enemies makes them defenseless and does significantly more damage than before.

During this period, players should unleash their powerful abilities and high-level spells to secure victory.

Moreover, each character possesses unique abilities that assist them in building up the stagger gauge quickly.

Players should use these abilities after staggering the enemies for maximum damage output.

You should also manage your ATB gauge efficiently during the staggered phases to benefit from the enemy’s vulnerability.

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