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Why Is Sephora Not Working? Possible Fixes

Many beauty enthusiasts are wondering why their Sephora app or website is not working all of a sudden.

While Sephora is a great platform to purchase beauty products, sometimes technical issues can disrupt the shopping experience.

Technical issues like server-related problems, poor internet, outdated software, and congested caches can be the cause behind why Sephora is not working. To solve this, consult technical support,re-install the app, turn off adblockers and block the firewalls.

In this article, you can explore why Sephora is not working and fix it to get your beauty shopping back on track.

Causes Of Sephora Not Working Issue

If you are facing the issues of Sephora not working then it may be due to the following reasons:

One of the most common reasons Sephora is not working is server-related issues.

Sephora’s servers can experience technical glitches or outages, which makes the website or app temporarily inaccessible.

Hence, this can be due to unexpected high traffic or server malfunctions.

Moreover, you can also run into this problem if Sephora is ongoing maintenance to their app or website.

2. Account Restrictions

Your Sephora account may be temporarily banned due to suspicious activities or violations of Sephora’s terms of service.

Hence, if your Sephora is not working, you might be locked out or restricted from your Sephora account.

3. Ad Blockers And Privacy Settings

When you activate Ad blockers, it will provide a more private and ad-free browsing experience that hinders Sephora’s functionality.

Furthermore, Ad blockers prevent some elements from loading correctly on Sephora’s website, like product images.

Besides, if you have strict privacy settings, it blocks vital website functionalities and causes a less-than-optimal shopping experience.

Hence, your Sephora will not work as your settings block your tracking for login sessions or personalized recommendations.

4. Network Restrictions

Your Sephora account may not work if you have installed Strict Firewalls on your device.

Furthermore, Strict Firewalls will block specific features or scripts on Sephora’s website, which will cause functionality issues.

When you have a network with Content Filters, you cannot access specific categories of products or sections of Sephora’s website.

5. Poor Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is crucial for seamless browsing and shopping on Sephora.

So, if you are trying to access Sephora with a slow internet connection, then it can lead to issues with loading pages.

Furthermore, such intermittent connectivity will lead to slow response times or even error messages.

6. Outdated Devices And Software

Another common reason for the Sephora app or website not to work is outdated software versions.

You are most likely to run into compatibility issues with the Sephora app if you use outdated devices or software versions.

Furthermore, new features or security updates may not work correctly on older devices or operating systems.

7. Third-Party Services

Many customers like the comfort of logging into their Sephora accounts using third-party services such as Facebook or Google.

When you use third-party services to log into Sephora, the authentication process will communicate with external platforms.

If these external services face downtime or technical difficulties, it can prevent you from smoothly accessing your Sephora account.

8. App Or Website Updates

It is crucial to update the Sephora app and its website to resolve common issues for a smooth shopping experience.

In addition, if you use outdated versions of the Sephora app, it may have bugs or compatibility issues.

Update Sephora app
Update the Sephora app and website to resolve common issues for a smooth shopping experience.

Hence, running an older version may result in performance problems for both the Sephora app and website.

So, updating the Sephora app or website will fix bugs, enhance security, improve performance, and maintain compatibility with new features.

9. Congested Cache And Cookies

If your device has accumulated cache and cookies, it can sometimes lead to issues with website and app functionality.

Hence, if you have a congested cache and cookies, you will face Sephora pages not loading correctly or features malfunctioning.

Reinstall app
After you offload the data from the Sephora app, you must reinstall the app once more.

Accordingly, you encounter issues with the Sephora website, such as timeout messages, bad gateways, or 404 errors.

10. Incorrect Login Credentials

If you are trying to access Sephora using incorrect Login credentials, it will definitely not work for you.

Hence, entering the wrong username or password can prevent access to your Sephora account.

How To Fix Sephora Not Working Issue?

You can quickly fix the technical issues for Sephora and get your beauty shopping back on track by following solutions:

1. Check Sephora’s Official Accounts

If you suspect server-related problems, you can wait a while and try reaccessing Sephora.

In addition, if your Sephora is not working due to server-related problems, then these issues get resolved quickly on their own.

Hence, you can also check Sephora’s official social media accounts or customer support for updates on server status.

2. Contact Sephora’s Customer support 

You must contact Sephora’s customer support for assistance if you suspect your account has been restricted or banned.

Besides, you must be ready with documentation to validate your identity and address the issue effectively.

3. Turn Off Ad Blockers

You can temporarily turn off your ad blocker through browser extensions to see if it resolves the issue.

Next, go to your browser’s settings and adjust privacy settings to a more permissive level while using Sephora’s website.

4. Disable Firewall And Content Filters

You must Disable your Firewall and turn off Content Filters on your network.

If the network you’re currently using is causing the issues, switch to a different network, such as your home Wi-Fi or mobile data.

5. Use A Strong Internet Connection

You must have your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection working correctly.

Besides, if you’re on Wi-Fi, you can switch to a mobile data connection to see if it makes a difference.

6. Update Software Versions Or Operating System

First, you must check if your device and operating system meet the minimum requirements for the Sephora app.

Hence, if you’re still using an outdated version, consider updating your device or operating system.

7. Use Your Sephora-Specific Login Credentials

You can check the status of the third-party service you used to log in to Sephora, whether Facebook or Google.

Furthermore, if the service is temporarily down, wait until it is back online to resolve itself.

As an alternative, you can choose to log in using your Sephora-specific login credentials.

Thus, this method doesn’t rely on third-party services, so you can access Sephora even if they are experiencing issues.

8.  Update The Sephora App 

To update the Spehora App on your iOS or Android follow;

  • You can check for updates in your device’s app store.
  • You can also enable automatic updates for convenience.

9. Clear Cache And Cookies

You must clear your browser’s cache and cookies to make a clean slate for Sephora to work.

Hence, this often resolves problems with your Sephora app or website’s page not loading and features malfunctioning.

Why is sephora not working?
Clear your Sephora’s cache and cookies to make a clean slate for Sephora to work.

Furthermore, if that doesn’t work, clear cookies specifically for Sephora’s site through your browser’s privacy settings.

Thus, reopen your browser and try reaccessing Sephora’s website to see if the Sephora is working.

10. Check For Correct Login Credentials

You must verify whether the username and password you have entered are accurate for the Sephora app or website.

Moreover, if you’ve forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Password option on Sephora to reset it.

The Bottom Line

To fix Sephora’s not working issue, you must understand the technical issues first and then try the abovementioned solutions.

You can try re-installing the app, switching the browsers, and turning off adblockers and firewalls.

If your issues continue, contact Sephora’s customer support to address the issue on a more personalized level.

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