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All Blox Fruits Buddha Glitch

Blox Friuts has multiple glitches that players exploit to gain advantages.

The glitches are occasionally fixed in patches or updates in the game.

Players can exploit the Buddha glitch to transform the size, get Dough fruit, fasten the speed, and get the Big sword using just a few steps.

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Buddha Blox Fruits

The Buddha is a legendary fruit in Bloxburg, which costs 14500 to fully awaken.

Buddha is one of the support tools, thanks to its range buffs.

Moreover, it is an excellent option for Player vs. Player and extremely tough to overcome.

It has two passives, including the Divine Aura and Seismic Jumo, with multiple movesets.

The legendary item can be bought for $120000000 or 1600 Robix coins.

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All Blox Fruits Buddha Glitch

Here is the list of all Blox Fruits Buddha Glitch;

1. Control Glitch

To exploit this glitch, players should head to in-game and scroll down to Buddha’s Control ability.

Next, players should continuously click on the Equip button.

Players will get a prompt of Error Disable for transformation first and activate the control fruit to generate higher speed.

2. Dough Fruit Glitch

To perform the dough fruit glitch, players should initially equip the Buddha.

blox fruits buddha glitch
Equip the Buddha fruit.

Further, head to the Item list and equip Bisento, the legendary sword and Hallow Sword.

Later players should mark their way to the factory and extract the location to find the Dough Fruit.

3. Big Sword Glitch

To obtain the Big Sword glitch, initially, players should have a stable ping.

Later, they should turn off shift and equip their swords simultaneously.

blox fruits buddha glitch
Transform the average melee to a large sword.

4. Speed Glitch

For the glitch, players must have an Instinct and Melee weapon along with the Buddha.

While in battle, dodge the attack and equip the melle when instinct animation appears.

Further, ensure to use the shift lock and hop around to become highly faster.

5. Large And Small Glitch

Players can also transform the Buddha size while exploiting the glitch in Blox Fruits.

To enlarge Buddha, use unawakened and use the Z move and re-transform the fruit.

To minimize the structure, players should have the avatar and the awakened Buddha.

6. Skeleton Glitch

Players can also transform their legendary fruit into a Skeleton.

For this, use Revive’s C and transform it into a skeleton, then quickly change to Buddha.

7. Gold Glitch 

For the permanent Buddha gold glitch, users should unawaken the Buddha Z.

Further, head to awakening expert and unawakened the Buddha again.

The Bottom Line

Blox Fruits has multiple glitches that players can use to take advantage of and enhance the gameplay experience.

There are other few Buddha glitches, including Gold Head, Ginat race and few word glitches.

However, not all the glitches have influenced the gameplay or provided the rewards.

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