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Wind Turbine In Starfield: Builds and Solutions

Starfield consists of various utilities, including wind turbines and cutters, that can assist in extracting various resources and power.

All those resources come in handy when players progress through the game.

The Wind Turbine is one of the outpost-power generators in Starfield. It can be built using five Aluminum, three Nickel and two Cobalt. To get the best use of it, insert it in a location with a thick atmosphere and higher ground.

Continue reading to learn more about the Starfield wind turbine and its usage.

Wind Turbine In Starfield 

Starfield is about exploring planets, stars and the solar system and traveling through the spaceships.

Players can land on a suitable planet or location and build a new camp, known as the outpost.

The Wind Turbine resembles a real-life machine to generate power in the outpost.

It is one of the crucial power generators to keep the outpost running. 

Other similar generators include solar arrays and fueled generators.

starfield wind turbine
Deploy wind turbine in the outpost.

However, only using the generator is not enough to operate the outpost.

Players will need other modules like switches and lights as well.

But, for the outpost players built on location with thick atmospheres, like the Titan in the Sol System.

It will generate high wind and, hence, higher power output.

If players are trying to use the generator, use them according to the planet’s nature.

Otherwise, the wind turbine will only generate three powers, worse than solar arrays and fueled generators.

How To Build Wind Turbine In Starfield?

If Players are trying to build the wind turbine generator, follow the given procedure;

1. Know The Requirement

Initially, players should know the resources required to build the modules, including the wind turbine generator in Starfield.

The three resources and the amount  required to build a wind turbine are;

  • Aluminum( Al) : 5
  • Nickel(Ni): 3
  • Cobalt(Co): 2

Players can find this location when exploring various locations, including the planets and the moons.

2. Gather The Resources 

One of the ways to collect the resources is by surveying the planets using the scans.

Survey planet in Starfield
Scan the planets for resources.

Players should do a comprehensive scan to get insights into the available resources in the location.

Further, players should land on the planets and extract the resources that help to build the wind turbine.

Moreover, all the vendors around the capital cities, including New Atlantis and Cydonia, also sell those resources.

If players are searching for Aluminum, they can easily find it in the Andraphone moon.

Players can head to UC Exchange and central trade authorities to extract Nickel or travel to Zamka Moon.

Best planet in Starfield
Find the Cobalt and Nickel in Zamka Moon.

Moreover, players can easily explore the Procyon IV and Akila planets to find Cobalt.

3. Search For The Best Location

Starfield has more than 1,000 planets; players can travel to find various resources and materials.

Unfortunately, all those locations are unsuitable for building an outpost for the players.

If players are trying to rely on the Wind Turbine to generate power ultimately, search for planets with thick atmospheres.

Build outpost
Build the outpost in a good location.

Moreover, players should avoid the planets with extreme conditions. 

Players should scan planets from the robot and find a zone depending on the heat map of the resources players prefer.

4. Insert The Wind Turbine

After players have collected all the resources and searched for a suitable location, players can now build the generator.

Players planning to build a large outpost will require equal materials and resources.

So, for power generation, players will need more turbines.

Also, consider the higher ground while choosing the outpost and avoid the buildings.

Players have encountered wind issues when building the generator in those structural locations.

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The Bottom Line

The wind turbine is a decent Starfield power generator, requiring Aluminum, Cobalt and Nickel for the build.

Moreover, it generates three power typically, whereas the power can gradually increase in thick atmosphere conditions.

If players are not fond of such locations, switch to the solar array if players are on a sunny planet or a fueled generator for 20 powers.

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