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How To Survey A Habitable Planet In Starfield?

In Starfield, players can engage in various events, including a survey of the Planet to verify if it’s habitable.

Further, Players can earn exclusive rewards upon completing the survey.

To survey a habitable Planet in Starfield, players must thoroughly scan and discover all the floras, faunas, resources and traits. Jemison, Mars, Nesoi and Akila are a few habitable planets they can survey.

Continue reading to discover how to deploy the survey on the various planets in Starfield.

What Is The Starfield Survey?

The Starfield survey provides players with detailed information about planets in the Galaxies.

As there are thousands of planets, and they differ in shape and size, it can be an overwhelming gaming experience while exploring them.

However, the structure will affect the total survey time for obtaining the result if the Planet is habitable.

If players have gathered the survey results and information, they can sell the data for a high cost to some merchants.

Starting A Survey On Habitable Planet In Starfield

When players discover a new planet, it is hard to determine if it is habitable, so they need to analyze it deeply.

Moreover, various factors affect the survey results in the Planets.

Hence, there is a systemized procedure to grab the actual data; players should carefully follow the procedure to complete the scan;

1. Planet Wide Scan 

The initial thing players should do is the Planet Wide scan to start the survey by sitting inside the Spaceship.

Scan the Planet in Starfield.
Wide Scan the Planet.

Players will get information, including the planets, the system, and nature; however, the traits will be unknown prior to the scan.

The Planet found exploring the galaxy inside the Olympus system known as Nesoi.

After the scan, the survey percentage will increase, and players can see the locations of different resources, including uranium, iron etc.

2. Scanning Process Inside Planet

To make the survey results 100%, players must scan all the internal parts of the Planets as well.

Players should land on the Planet for further research and start with the surface.

Starfield survey
Enter the Habitable Planet.

The Planet will need to extract fauna, flora, resources and traits to complete the survey.

However, these numbers may differ from Planet to Planet.

Fauna are the creatures that inhabit the Planet, whereas flora are the plants found there.

Next, players should start exploring the Planet and scan the animals.

If players scan a specific creature, it will be highlighted with a blue color and show the total percentage of the overview.

Gradually scanning flora and fauna will also show their nature, including biomes, temperament, resources and health.

Completing the scan of any fauna, flora or resources will increase the number on the count and show a green highlight.

starfield survey a habitable planet
Fully Scan Heroing Scavenger 

Moreover, scanning the same animal or Planet will increase the survey percentage to complete the task rapidly.

In addition, when scanning resources like iron and uranium, they can even store them in the inventory.

3. Scanning Traits 

While scanning the resources and living things, players should also search for the plant traits while extracting the Planet.

Firstly, players should go to the surface map and search for the black-and-white icons classified as unknown locations.

Players should then land close to these locations and start the searching process.

When players see the border-white color on these objects, they should try to scan more identical items nearby.

Scanning a couple of unexplored ecological features will determine the actual identity.

Plantet trait
Extract the twp traits inside the Planet.

4. Completing The Survey 

Players who are unable to extract all of the resources and living beings check the ocean area as well.

If players have found all the flora and fauna inside the Planet, it will show a biome complete in the list.

Whereas for resources and traits, players must know the total number they were searching for to complete the survey.

starfield survey a habitable planet
Complete the Nesoi Planet survey.

Surveying the Planet may be hectic, but players can see nature, creatures and other objects for detailed information.

Upon completing the survey, the data will be present in the inventory.

Players can take the data to the Cydonia on Mars and sell it to Phil Hill only if it is from a habitable planet.

Moreover, players can take the survey data to the Eye that orbits the Jemison planet and sell it to Vladimir Sall.

Players can survey data of habitable planets’ prices for a higher price with Phil than with Vladimir.

To make the survey easier, players can upgrade their science category skills.

Further, players should also rank up in surveying, zoology, botany and scanning.

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Starfield Habitable Planets

Starfield has over a thousand planets, so it may be extremely difficult to know all the habitable ones without a survey.

The best way to test nature is by entering the Planet without the space suit; still, other factors are attached to it.

However, some habitable planets can be discovered easily, including;

1. Mars 

Mars being named a habitable planet in Starfield can surprise a few players.

It is one of the major planets that connects with the various game missions, including the Cydonia and Opportunity rover.

Players can find various resources and unique minerals known as the heart of Mars in the fourth Planet of the Sol system.

The Land of Mars is filled with rock, has cold temperatures and has relatively low gravitational force.

2. Jemison

Jemison is another important habitable Planet involving New Atlantis, a location consisting of many missions.

The Planet is the third Planet of the Alpha Centauri System, where the water is safe.

Unlike Mars, fauna is present in the Jemison, and players can see more floras there. 

Jemison also had a lower gravity and plenty of resources, including lead and chlorine.

In addition, the rocky Planet has a temperature atmosphere filled with standard O2.

3. Akila

Another planet that resembles the real-life Earth feature is Akila, the second Planet of the Cheyenne system.

It involves locations such as Akila City, which can be explored while playing the Freestar Collective faction quest.

The atmosphere is fully covered with oxygen, helping plenty of fauna to inhabit the Planet.

Moreover, the atmosphere is relatively temperate, filled with rocks.

Lastly, the Planet has relatively higher gravity compared to Mars and Jemison.

The Bottom Line

While exploring the Planet, it is hard to verify whether it is habitable.

However, while doing the wide scan, players should analyze the atmosphere, water conditions, temperature and other conditions.

Upon Starfield’s survey of a habitable planet,  players will have an idea and sell the report for higher credits if the Planet is habitable.

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