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What Is Deimos Armored Transport In Starfield?

Demios Armored Transport is a ship found or purchased in the game of Starfield.

The game’s numerous planets, systems, areas, and cities, so ships like these are necessary.

These ships help transport you, the player, from one place to another and help in other things like combat.

Deimos Armored Transport is a special type of rare ship located in the galactic core of the game. The special elevator of the ship makes the ship much more interesting and useful.

Here we will discuss the details of Deimos Armored Transport and its special elevator in Starfield.

What Is The Deimos Armored Transport In Starfield?

Deimos Armored Transport is a heavy armored ship in the game.

It is rare and difficult to find ships used by the Navy troops of the United Colonies.

The ship has a robust ship and a variety of weapons useful for transporting soldiers and equipment.

The ship is 250 meters long, 100 meters wide and can fit up to 100 crew members.

Deimos Armored Transport Interiors Starfield
Deimos Armored Transport is a rare ship in Starfield

It has a troop capacity of 500 and can haul cargo weighing up to 1,000 tons.

The ship has 10 Laser Cannons, 6 Missile Launchers and 2 Torpedos.

The stats of the ship seem formidable, yet it has its weaknesses.

The giant ship is covered with a shield with a strength of 100,000 Mehajoules.

But it’s slow and steerable, keeping it at risk from attacks from faster ships.

Where To Find The Deimos Armored Transport?

Deimos Armored Transport can be found on numerous planets in various systems inside the game.

The ship is a rare find, and to locate it, the gamers must search in various in-game fictional star systems.

The initial step is to locate the Transoit using the ship’s canner to find derelict or broken down ships.

Some locations where you can visit and discover the Deimos Armored Transport are:

Akila System

Akila is a lush planet with numerous varieties of Biomes. In addition, it is home to the capital of the freestar collectives.

New Atlantis System

An earth-like terrestrial planet that is a hub for exploration and research. Also, this system is home to the Jemison Planet.

Hypatia System

The Hypatia system is home to various planet systems named Vergessen, a desert planet, and Copernicus, a rocky planet with its own moon.

Scanning the systems properly and patiently is the key to finding the Deimos Armored Tranport.

Most of the time, the broken-down ships house pirates inside them, so you must be cautious.

For starters, they can begin their search mission from the systems that are located in the galactic core.

The galactic core happens to house more rare ships like the Deimos Armored Transport.

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What Is The Special Elevator Of Deimos Armored Transport?

The ship has a special elevator right at its center, which is a vital part of the ship.

The elevator moves the troops and cargo between different levels of the ship.

Additionally, the powerful elevator uses gravity to move between the decks.

Furthermore, the elevator allows a smooth flow of people and things around the ship.

So, it is important for painting effective workflow and carrying out essential functions.

But the catch is that the elevator doesn’t have power in the game.

Reddit Demios Armored Transport
Reddit user discussion on the Demios Armored Transport

Many player discussions on platforms like Reddit and Steam cannot figure out the process.

Steam Demios Armored Transport
Steam user discussion on the Demios Armored Transport

Many people are confused about how to use the elevator due to its power outage.

How To Use The Special Elevator?

The Special elevator on Deimos Armored Transport ship has a power outage during your encounter in the game.

There is some important information that you should know about before this encounter.

Here are the steps to use the special elevator:

  1. Find the Deimos Armored Transport ship in the United Colonies system.
  2. Then, find the special elevator inside the Deimos Armored Transport.
  3. Go to the elevator, enter the elevator and look up.
  4. Wait for the gravity to shut off.
  5. As soon as the gravity shuts off, head to the upper shaft.

So, this is how you use this tricky elevator in the Deimos Armored Transport ship. 

Additionally, you can find some loot inside the elevator with a loot box at the top.

The Bottom Line

The Deimos Armored Transport is a special ship that you can find in any of the galaxy planets in Starfield.

The ship is a powerful ship used for transporting soldiers and equipment.

Also, the special elevator of the ship can help you transport yourselves other items.

However, the elevator doesn’t have power, and you must use it after the gravity shuts off.

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