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Wishing All The Best Step 45 In Destiny 2: Full Guide

In Destiny 2, players must embark on wishing all the best quests and complete step 45 to progress further.

The Wishing All the Best quest presents players with several steps to participate in and conquer for many rewards.

During the Wishing All The Best Quest in Destiny 2, for step 45, players must destroy the Vex Oracles blocking the Oracle Engine. Moreover, players must also defeat adversaries and destroy Vex Oracles in the Spine of Keres, Harbinger’s Seclude, and Gardens of Esila and restore them.

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Wishing All The Best In Destiny 2

In the new season of Destiny 2, Season of the Wish, players can engage in several quests and obtain enticing rewards.

Unlike other quests, Wishing all the best is the primary quest of the season of the wish that requires strategic planning to complete.

Similarly, Wishing All the Best quests present over 55 steps for players to complete.

The steps are unlocked each week, and players can finish the step by completing the provided task for that particular step.

Every step has a unique task for players to enjoy the new season and understand the season’s storyline.

Wishing All The Best Quest: Step 45

Completing the Wishing All The Best Quest step is not easy for the players as every task presents significant challenges.

Similarly, completing step 45 is no different, as players must endure hardships during this step as well.

During this step, players must traverse the mythical Dreaming City, where they can spot Vex Oracles and formidable adversaries.

Wishing All The Best Quest in Destiny 2
An Overview of the Wishing All The Best Quest in Destiny 2.

Players should head to the Helm to embark on this quest and make their way to the Hollow Projector.

Likewise, for step 45 in Wishing All The Best Quest, players must destroy several Vex Oracles that are blocking the engine.

Also, players must explore three different places where they have to destroy Vex Oracles and face opponents.

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Highlighted Spots Of Step 45 In Wishing All The Best

After you begin Step 45 in Wishing All The Best Quest, you will notice three distinct spots in Dreaming City.

Similarly, players must explore these cities and destroy Vex Oracles in each of them to complete this step.

Players must visit the Spine Of Keres, Harbinger’s Seclude, and Gardens of Esila and destroy its combatants and Vex Oracles.

Upon destroying these locations, players must restore them in order to complete the step successfully.

1. Spine Of Keres

Players must spawn in the Divilian Mists and initially navigate towards the first location, The Spine Of Keres.

Likewise, upon reaching the city, players must battle with the enemies residing in that area.

Wishing All The Best Step 45
Players should start their journey by spawning in the Divalian Mists.

Also, focus on eliminating the diamond-shaped spires to collect crests in Destiny 2.

Next, destroy all of the Vex Oracles and repeat this process until you reach 100% on your bar.

2. Gardens Of Esila

After completing the Spine Of Keres Task, players must navigate to the Gardens of Esila following the indicated path.

Similarly, you should defeat the opponents of the area and collect the available crest.

Next, you should destroy all of the Vex Oracles and collect the hidden crests and loots.

However, you must take note of your designated route to avoid getting lost in the lush surroundings of the garden.

3. Harbinger’s Seclude

At the end of Step 45, players need to head to the last location, The Harbinger’s Seclude.

Upon reaching the area, players must clear the area by defeating the opponents.

Now, players must travel through the terrain and destroy the Vex Oracles in diamond-shaped spires.

Repeat this process until you reach 100% of your goal and successfully complete step 45.

The Bottom Line

Players should maintain a strategic approach to complete Step 45 of Wishing All The Best Quest, focusing on precision and efficiency.

Similarly, players must restore these areas upon destroying the Vex Oracles of all three designated spots.

If players complete the task, they will unlock Step 46, where they must complete Blind Well runs in the Dreaming City.

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