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Prot Paladin In WOW SOD: Crusading Tank

A Protection Paladin, often abbreviated as Prot Paladin, is a specialization of the Paladin class in WOW SOD.

Additionally, Prot Paladins are melee tanks meaning they absorb damage and protect their allies from harm.

Prot Paladins are go-to tanks in WOW SOD, clad in plate armor and wielding powerful shields and employing Consecration, Handing of Reckoning, Avenger’s Shield, Aegis, and Holy Shield to protect their allies.

Continue reading to learn more about the Prot Paladin, their abilities, stats, gear, strengths, and weaknesses in WOW SOD.

Prot Paladin In WOW SOD

Prot Paladins are the defenders that step forward to take hits from enemies and keep everyone safe.

However, they are known for their strong survivability, versatility, and ability to generate threats.

Blood Elf Prot Paladin
Blood Elf Prot Paladin in WOW SOD.

Moreover, they are also capable of healing themselves and their allies in a pinch.

They have several utility abilities, such as stuns and cleanses, that can be very helpful in raids and dungeons.

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Prot Paladins Key Abilities

Some of the key abilities of  Prot Paladins are:

  1. Consecration: A ground-targeted AoE attack that generates threats and damages multiple enemies.
  2. Hand Of Reckoning: Stuns enemies and generates additional threat.
  3. Avenger Shield: Taunts an enemy and generates significant threat.
  4. Aegis: Increases your armor and reduces incoming damage.
  5. Holy Shield: Provides additional damage mitigation and reduces magic damage taken.

Your basic rotation involves using Consecration to maintain AoE threat and taunting with Avenger’s Shield when necessary.

Moreover, use the Hand of Reckoning to stun and generate additional threats.

Also, keep Aegis and Holy Shield active for enhanced survivability.


As a Prot Paladin, you can prioritize these stats:

  1. Strength: Enhances melee damage and threat generation which is like your muscle power.
  2. Stamina: Boosts health and survivability which makes you tougher to defeat.
  3. Intellect: Improves mana generation and spell damage, beneficial for healing abilities.
  4. Agility: Increases dodge and parry chance, providing additional survivability.
  5. Spirit: Enhances mana generation.


You can equip yourself with plate armor and wield a one-handed weapon and a shield.

Therefore, some important gear pieces include:

  1. Shield: A strong shield provides substantial block and mitigation.
  2. One-handed weapon: Used for melee attacks, generating threat and damage. Additionally, you can use a strong sword or mace.
  3. Trinkets: Provide defensive or utility benefits.
  4. Plate Armor: Heavy-duty armor that’s like a second skin, keeping you safe from harm.
  5. Eagle Gear: Great for leveling, focus on intellect to help with mana.
  6. Spell Power Gear: Some Paladins wear this to make their magical moves stronger.


  1. Unsurpassed Survivability: Prot Paladin possesses a diverse array of abilities to mitigate damage and endure intense attacks.
  2. Versatility in Threat Generation: They are effective against single targets and groups of enemies as they have multiple methods to generate threats.
  3. Utility Moves: It offers utility abilities, like stuns and cleanses which are invaluable in raid and dungeon scenarios. Moreover, abilities like silencing enemies and grabbing their attention can also give you strategic advantages.
  4. Durability: You can take a lot of hits, protecting your group.


  1. Mana Management: Using Prot Paladin’s abilities can consume mana quickly, so be mindful of it during prolonged fights.
  2. Limited Mobility: They are not the fastest, so catching up to speedy enemies can be challenging.
  3. Gear Dependency: They require specific gear to function optimally, which can be challenging to acquire early on.

Playing Strategy

Use abilities like Consecration and Hand of Reckoning to make sure your enemies focus on you.

Furthermore, activates defensive abilities to reduce damage taken, in tough situations.

Likewise, invest your talent points in the Protection tree to make yourself tougher and better.

Use your shield effectively, avoid hazardous areas, and carefully position yourself to minimize unnecessary damage.

Therefore, maintain clear communication with your group to coordinate targets, cooldowns, and interrupts.

Classic Talent build
Classic Talent build that players prefer for Prot Paladin.

The Bottom Line

Hence, mastering a Prot Paladin requires dedication, practice, and an understanding of your role and abilities.

Likewise, strategically use your cooldowns to maximize their impact on survivability or threat generation.

Therefore, coordinate with your group, especially in dungeons and raids, to ensure smooth gameplay.

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