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How To Complete Get Some Especially Shiny Rocks?

Players are finding it extremely difficult to Get some especially shiny rocks.

It is one of the tasks in the Disney Dreamland Valley game.

Get some especially shiny rocks is a duty of Haunted Holiday Star Path in Disney Dreamland Valley. To complete it, players should mine three shiny gems of any kind.

Continue reading more about the Get some especially shiny rock, the method to complete it and its rewards in Disney Dreamland Valley.

What Is Get Some Especially Shiny Rocks?

Get some especially shiny rock is a duty for the players in the Dreamland Valley.

It is the quest of various tasks that players complete in the new event: Haunted Holiday Star Path.

The event lasts until November 1st, so players have plenty of time to learn scary stories and have amazing experiences.

Moreover, Disney introduced Haunted Holiday Star Path as part of the 30th anniversary of the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Players can complete over sixty Haunted Holiday Star Path duties to earn exclusive rewards, costumes, and candies.

get some especially shiny rocks
Duties of Haunted Holiday Star Path event.

Uproot The Forgetting, complete Dreamlight duties, break some rocks and harvest Olaf’s nose are some other duties players can perform.

However, the technique, total tokens and redeemable amount will differ for all the tasks. 

Players can unlock the event from the main menu for free, unfortunately, players can’t obtain all the items without the premium Start Path.

Also, players can run six duties at a time, whereas with the standard edition, they can only play three events.

Players should spend 2500 moonstones to unlock them; by spending 800 moonstones more, players can get 100 more event tokens.

Completing Get Some Especially Shiny Rock Duty 

The shiny rock duty is not quite as complicated as players assume; follow the procedures to complete the event faster;

1. Complete Previous Duties

Players can only unlock Get some especially shiny rock quest if they have completed previous duties.

The premier Star Path will assist players to the events faster, hence, players can unlock all other tasks and receive rewards faster.

2. Know the Required Amount 

If players are in line to start the shiny rock task, they should know the total amount of items needed to complete the duty.

As for the Get Some Especially Shiny Rock Duty, players will need three shiny gems.

3. Mine The Gems

To complete the task, players must mine three shiny gems of any kind. 

However, these items are rare, so collecting three of them may take a lot of time.

Players should explore locations like the Forgotten Land to get Shiny Diamonds with a pickaxe.

get some especially shiny rocks
Mine the shiny gems using the pickaxe.

Other shiny gems include shiny Amethyst, Aquamarine, emerald, and Garnlet which can help players get ten tokens.

The Bottom Line

Get some especially shiny rock is one of the various events players can engage in in Dreamland Valley.

Players should extract various locations and mine three shiny rocks to complete the quest.

Players who complete all the event quests can unlock exclusive rewards including costumes, masks and tokens.

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