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Explore The Fossil Island Dog In OSRS

The fossil island dog in OSRS can interact with the players after the recent update.

Furthermore, the interaction is quite normal, and many players love the update to the island dog.

The Fossil Island Dog in OSRS is near the Museum camp bank. While the dog does not provide any inherent benefits for the players, they can interact with it. Furthermore, players can also pet the dog, which is the new update for the dog that goes by the name “Tray.”
This article discusses the Fossil Island Dog and its location in OSRS.

Who Is The Fossil Island Dog In OSRS?

The Fossil Island Dog is one of the dogs that players can interact with in the Fossil Island.

The dog has been there since 2017, after the update for Old School RuneScape.

Furthermore, the dog belongs to the “Fossil Collector,” who resides in the Museum Camp.

The fossil collector will allow players to obtain numulites in exchange for fossils.

These fossils can be identified or unidentified, thus, players can exchange the fossils they don’t want to keep.

Furthermore, players will also obtain a “Fossil Island Note Book” from the fossil collector when they meet her for the first time.

Additionally, there are multiple uses for the fossils, and players can find those uses on the Fossil Island.

Interact with fossil island dog osrs
Players can interact with Fossil Island dog.

NPCs such as the Fossil Island Dog and the Fossil Collector are only for interaction.

Thus, players shouldn’t expect help from them in the Fossil Island.

But, in the case of the “Fossil Collector,” she is indeed a merchant due to her interaction of exchanging fossils for a form of currency.

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Location Of The Fossil Island Dog In OSRS

Finding the Fossil Island Dog is easy activity in Old School Runescape.

Players can find the fossil island dog in the Museum Camp bank.

The main reason to interact with the dog is to pet it.

Furthermore, a dialog box explaining that it is stretching on the ground will pop up after petting the dog.

Specifically, the dialog goes, “He stretches out even further on the warm ground.”

The ability to pet the dog is a new update the developers rolled out in 2021.

Thus, in the previous iteration of the Island dog, players could not pet him and get the new dialogue.

Fossil Island dog location OSRS
Location of the fossil island dog in Old School RuneScape.

There are no other interactions with the fossil island dog except petting him.

Thus, if the players expect other interactions, such as the dog helping them find fossils, then it is better to lower such expectations.

Furthermore, the option to pet the dog was added after the majority of the players of OSRS started requesting for it.

Thus, the developers delivering on the wants of the players are boosting the confidence of players towards the developers of OSRS.

The Bottom Line

The Fossil Island dog is a great way to have players interact with domestic animals in OSRS.

Furthermore, in recent years, developers have chosen to ensure that players can interact with domestic animals in any game.

This allows the players to interact more humanely with the animals in any city or area.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Fossil Island Dog in Old School RuneScape.

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