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Learn Everything About The Wind Serpent In WOW SOD

WOW SOD still utilizes the use of Hunter Pets in the PvE environment including the Wind Serpent.

The Wind Serpent is one of the best cost-effective pets with a variety of effective move sets.

In WOW SOD, the Wind Serpent is still in the S class offensive pet tier list because it deals a large amount of damage in early phases. However, this pet was nerfed in the latest patch, making it less effective in the game.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Wind Serpent in WOW SOD with its abilities.

Introduction To Wind Serpent In WOW SOD

WOW SOD has flourished many battle mechanics in the game, making this season one of the best.

In fact, pets dominate the PvE environment as some can deal more damage than the players.

Similarly, one such pet is the Wind Serpent which boasts a very high damage in the game.

Wind Serpent WOW
An image of a Wind serpent in WOW SOD.

Appearance-wise, the Wind Serpent looks like a flying snake with bones coming out of its body.

Also, it deals a decent amount of damage in the game, making it terrifying in the early stages.

However, players must note that it has low armor and HP, making it a glass canon.

Hence, it is the best offensive pet pick for the Blackfathom Deeps dungeon in the game.

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Abilities Of Wind Serpent In WOW SOD

In WOW SOD, pets have various abilities in the game that make them unique to use.

In the game, there are four types of battle abilities for each pet which are:

  • Offensive Ability
  • Utility Ability
  • Special Ability
  • Passive Ability

Specifically, the abilities of Wind Serpent make it an S-tier offensive pet in this season of WOW.

Tier list of Offensive pets in WOW SOD
The Wind Serpent is a S-class pet in this season of WOW SOD.

Similarly, the wind serpent has Bite as its offensive ability that causes 91-99 damage.

Additionally, it can have one of three passive abilities: Dive, Cower, and Growl which can be used in specific situations.

Its special ability is Lightning Breath, allowing it to cast lightning on enemies to deal massive damage.

Finally, it has one type of magical resistance as a passive ability, allowing it to tank specific elemental damage.

Hence, players must familiarise themselves with these abilities to effectively use Wind Serpents during battles.

How To Use The Wind Serpent?

Here are some ways to use the Wind Serpent to gain a competitive advantage in the game:

  1. Firstly, players must reach level 10 to unlock Hunter pets in the game as a Hunter.
  2. Secondly, they must progress the beast mastery Hunting tree to make their pets stronger.
  3. Then, players must tame a Wind Serpent that has a good skillset layout.
  4. Additionally, players must constantly feed pets to raise their happiness levels.
  5. In fact, the happiness level of a pet determines the amount of damage that it deals in the game.
  6. Hence, players must feed either bread, cheese, or fish to keep the Wind Serpent Happy.

Lightning Breath WOW SOD

    The in-game description of the Lightning Spell in WOW SOD.
  1. Finally, players can use the Lightning Breath ability to reduce the armor and rush the enemy.

The Bottom Line

Wind Serpents are one of the most effective pets for clearing dungeons as they can inflict ranged damage.

Also, its lightning breath special ability penetrates armor, inflicting more damage to enemies.

Therefore, players must tame this pet as it is one of the most used pets in WOW SOD.

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