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Discover Scroll Chap Balk Welles In WOW SOD

WoW: Season of Discovery has introduced many new items in the game, including Scroll Chap Balk Welles.

Also, the Scroll Chap Welles is the most mysterious scroll in the WOW Season Of Discovery.

In WOW Season of Discovery, players can receive an item called the Scroll Chap Welles, which seems to be a mysterious scroll item that gives out random spells in the game. However, concrete evidence about its purpose is still unknown.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Scroll Chap Balk Welles item in WOW.

What Is Scroll Chap Balk Welles In WOW?

In WOW, players can acquire many scrolls in the game that can be deciphered for unique spells.

Usually, these scrolls are very straightforward regarding the type of scroll that they give out.

However, there is one spell called the Scroll Chap Welles Scroll, which seems like an anomaly.

Moreover, the scroll is a decipher scroll that gives some sort of spell to players.

Further, it is a level 10 item scroll that can be sold for 15 copper coins.

The scroll’s description just says who knows what magic it might contain.

Also, the scroll has a cast time of three seconds and takes the Comprehension charm as a reagent.

Some comments reveal that they are equally confused about the existence of this scroll.

Hence, it can be assumed that the devs developed this scroll to create a mystery around it.

However, some users online have informed that it gave them random scrolls after deciphering it.

Therefore, players can conclude that this scroll randomizes the order of spell scrolls.

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How To Obtain Scroll Chap Balk Welles?

According to online information, players can get this scroll from multiple sources.

However, only some select monsters and chests can drop this mysterious scroll in specific locations.

Some sources that drop the the Scroll Chap Welles
Some monsters that drop the Scroll Chap Welles chest in WOW.

Additionally, players must note that it only has a drop rate of 0.01-0.4%, making it very rare.

Also, players should remember that this scroll must be deciphered using the Comprehension Charm.

Moreover, comments on some online discussion pages conclude that this scroll gives random spells.

In fact, one player informed me through a comment that he got the scroll of reintegration from this item.

Comments about the scroll
Users discussing the findings after using the Scroll Chap Welles scroll.

Similarly, another player expressed that his scroll turned into the scroll of spirit after deciphering it.

Hence, it can be concluded that this scroll hands out random spells scrolls to players.

However, players should be alert about more leaks on this subject to learn more about this scroll.

The Bottom Line

The Scroll Chap Balk Welles is one of the few scrolls that randomizes the order of spell scrolls that players receive.

Additionally, online wikis and comments provide only limited information on this item as it is very new.

Therefore, players must visit WOW’s official social media links to learn the purpose of this item.

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