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Are Wrist Rest Good For Gaming?

Do you find yourself bending your Wrist or resting it against the uncomfortable surface of the desk while using your keyboard while Gaming?

That’s when the Wrist Rest for Gaming comes into an advantage.

There is quite a lot of controversy over their ergonomic benefit. However, Wrist Rests are helpful for long hours of Gaming and typing.

Using a Wrist Rest while Gaming provides comfort, support, and posture correction while using a keyboard. Although Wrist Rests are not necessary for gamers, they can use them for extra support and pain prevention.

Before buying a Wrist Rest, you should find out if you need it.

Therefore, read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of using a Wrist Rest while Gaming.

Furthermore, this article will also guide you in choosing the best Wrist Rest.

Is Wrist Rest Good For Gaming?

Gamers need additional features in their Gaming space for comfort and accuracy. One of the accessories that they use while Gaming is a Wrist Rest.

A Wrist Rest is a piece of equipment that supports your Wrist while typing and Gaming.

It is usually a cushioned piece that can be attached to your chair or desk or comes attached to your keyboard or mousepad.

Wrist Rests are great for Gaming as they offer ergonomic benefits like posture correction, Wrist strain, carpal tunnel syndrome prevention, and Gaming comfort.

Furthermore, it also ensures smooth gameplay without pain and discomfort in your arms and Wrist.

Pros Of Using Wrist Rest While Gaming

There are debates regarding the ergonomic benefits of using Wrist Rests.

However, they do offer the benefits of comfort, Wrist strain prevention, carpal tunnel prevention, etc.

Here are a few advantages of using a Wrist Rest while Gaming.

1. Reduces Wrist Strain

People who sit in front of a computer for a long time, especially gamers, report continuous Wrist pain.

The reason behind the pain is the repetitive strain on the Wrist.

While typing and Gaming, their hands move back and forward continuously, stretching the tendons and muscles in their Wrist, resulting in sore Wrists.

Using Wrist Rests limits Wrist movement by providing support underneath the Wrists, reducing Wrist strain.

According to the research conducted among office workers to test Wrist flexion on Wrist Rest users and non-users, more Wrist flexion was reported when Wrist Rest was not used compared to Wrist Rests.

2. Prevents Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive strain injury. It is caused by strain on the nerves of your Wrist, leading to pain and tingling sensation.

Like preventing Wrist strain, Wrist Rests prevent repetitive motions to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome.

It also provides a soft surface for your Wrist to lay on, preventing excessive pressure on the tendons and, consequently, preventing tendonitis.

3. Maintains A Neutral Position

Wrist Rests support users to place their hands in a neutral position while using the keyboard and mouse.

Some users might habitually use the keyboard with their Wrists raised awkwardly, while some extend their fingers while typing. Using Wrist Rests corrects those habits.

Proper sitting posture while working
Sit in a proper ergonomic position while working on a desk.

Keeping those habits up for a long time can cause problems with the Wrist.

According to the research, using a Wrist Rest prevents Wrist deviation and dorsiflexion and keeps the Wrist in a neutral position.

4. Increases Comfort While Gaming

While Gaming for long hours, it can be very uncomfortable when resting the Wrist on the hard surface of the desk.

While many people assume that the role of the Wrist Rest is to support the Wrist all the time, it is incorrect.

The purpose of the Wrist Rest is to support your arms in durations between typing and Gaming.

The Wrist Rests provided a soft surface for your Wrist to Rest on between work, instead of the hard desk surface.

Continue reading to learn whether you should use an armrest while typing.

5. Prevents Inflammation

The hard desk surface applies pressure on your Wrist when typing for hours.

As a result, it can reduce blood flow and damage the tissues on your Wrist.

Reducing blood flow can inflame the tissues in your arms and Wrists.

Cons Of Using A Wrist Rest While Gaming

Wrist Rests can also be a burden for some gamers. It can be an obstacle as well as a source of discomfort.

However, they are helpful if you know how to use them correctly.

1. Obstacles While Gaming

Although Wrist Rests provide comfort while Gaming, they can obstruct motion.

They may get in the path of the mouse, which might impede smooth gameplay and result in blunders.

You might have to move your hand into awkward positions to prevent bumping into the Wrist Rest. This can also cause Wrist pain and discomfort.

2. Restricts Wrist Movement

Certain games require aiming through the movement of your Wrists.

The Wrist Rest holds the Wrist in a fixed position. Therefore, you might be unable to play aiming games well due to a lack of Wrist flexibility.

3. Pressure On Tendons

The Wrist Rest can put pressure on the tendons of your Wrist if you use it incorrectly.

These are the two possible incorrect ways of using the Wrist Rest.

  • Placing your entire Wrist on the Wrist Rest.
  • Laying your Wrist on the Wrist Rest the entire time while Gaming or typing.

Even if the Wrist Rest is soft, continuous pressure can cause issues like tenosynovitis, the inflammation of tendons in your Wrist.

Research shows that resting your Wrist on the surface causes tenosynovitis. Instead, users should Rest the palm’s base with fatty tissues touching the Wrist Rest.

4. Dependency On Wrist Rest For Support

If you always use the Wrist Rest, your hand will depend on the Wrist Rest to keep the neutral position.

You will place your hands awkwardly when the Wrist Rest is unavailable. The non-neutral position can increase pain in your Wrist while typing.

5. No Strength Build-Up On The Wrist

When you become dependent on the Wrist Rest, your arms and Wrist strength decreases over time.

It can cause you to put more strain on your Wrist.

Why Do Pro Gamers Use Wrist Rest While Gaming?

Some gamers prefer to use the Wrist Rest for their comfort and support.

However, many gamers still do not choose to use Wrist Rests as they interfere with the gameplay flow.

They use it when playing games all day and night, or else the gamer’s Wrist will start hurting.

Some users gave up on Wrist Rests because they made typing and Gaming more uncomfortable.

While some users cannot game without the Wrist Rest as their hand adopts an unnatural position without the Wrist support.

Gamers also claim that using a Wrist Rest is only helpful for those with incorrect typing postures, i.e., it is only meant to support your hand in the correct posture.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Wrist When Gaming

Wrist Rests are considered to be ergonomic. However, you should be able to use them correctly; else, problems like Wrist pain and discomfort increase.

Here are some of the correct ways to use the Wrist Rest as suggested by the Occupational Health and Safety U.S.A:

  • Choose Wrist Rests that are soft without sharp edges for increased comfort while typing and Gaming.
  • You should only rest your palm’s heel on the Wrist Rest and not the entire Wrist.
  • Do not bend your Wrist while using the keyboard. Try to keep your arms and Wrist in a neutral straight position.
  • Align the Wrist Rest straight with your keyboard and match the keyboard’s height while using the keyboard Wrist support.
  • Use a Wrist Rest at least 3.8 cm or 1.5 inches deep.
  • Take frequent breaks while Gaming to prevent repetitive strain injury. For example, take a 10-minute break every hour.
  • Place your arms flat on the Wrist and Rest with your elbows at 90 degrees.

The inner portion of your Wrist has an unprotected carpal tunnel with nerves and tendons.

A bundle of tissue called retinaculum is present at the roof of the carpal tunnel, which cannot stand the pressure.

The heels of the Wrist have thick thenar and hypothenar eminence muscles, protecting more delicate tissues.

Therefore, it would be best if you always rested the heels of your Wrist on the Rest.

Read on to discover whether your Wrist and Arm should Touch the Mouse Pad.

How To Choose A Wrist Rest For Gaming?

There are different types of Wrist Rests available. But not every type is suitable for everyone.

You need to choose the best Wrist Rest to ensure comfortable Gaming.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best Wrist Rests for Gaming.

1. Grip Of The Wrist Rest

The Wrist Rests you use needs to have a good grip on the desk surface.

A slippery Wrist Rest will only cause trouble while Gaming. You might miss your aim or a perfect shot every time you slip.

Therefore, you need to use an anti-slip Wrist Rest for smooth Gaming.

2. Size Of The Wrist Rest

The size of the Wrist Rest should match the size of the keyboard. At the same time, it should also be large enough to fit your hands on them comfortably.

If you use the Wrist Rest for typing, ensure you can reach all the keys while resting your hand on the Wrist Rest.

Flat keyboards do not need Wrist supports or will need a thinner one. However, elevated keyboards need thicker Wrist Rests.

You may be interested to discover the ideal Mousepad sizes for comfortable working.

3. Shape Of The Wrist Rest

Wrist Rests come in various sizes; round, rectangular, grids and curves, etc. Among them, round Wrists Rest provide the smoothest surface.

Choosing a Wrist Rest shape according to the space on your desk would be best.

For instance, a slim rectangular Wrist Rest would be suitable if you have a narrow desk and less space in front of your laptop.

4. Material Of The Wrist Rest

Wrist Rests are made up of soft materials like silicone or gel. At the same time, some are made up of more rigid materials like wood or metal.

Similarly, some Wrist Rests, like leather and faux leather Wrist, will cause you to sweat more.

However, if you have an allergy to the material, some of the Wrist Rest’s materials may give you a reaction.

A case has been reported where a user suffered from allergic contact dermatitis by using a neoprene Wrist Rest.

Continue reading to discover some of the best materials for Mousepads.

5 Best Wrist Rest For Gaming In 2024

Refer to the table below for some of the best Wrist Rests for Gaming.

Best Wrist restsFeatures
HyperX Wrist RestBest for long-haul typists or gamers

Anti-fray stitching helps it last longer

Ergonomic design fits full-sized keyboards
Razer Ergonomic Wrist RestBest for gamers or Razer brand enthusiasts

Ergonomic, inclined design enhances comfort while gaming

Includes solid-edge frame and waterproof material for durability
Redragon Keyboard Wrist RestAdaptable to your specific wrist shape because of memory foam

Offers sizes for both half- and full-sized keyboards.
ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist RestSplash-resistant leatherette surface

Elevated ergonomic design to ease wrist fatigue

Non-slip rubber feet
Innovera Softskin Gel Keyboard Wrist RestAnti-skid base stops pad from slipping

Long enough for most full-sized keyboards

Water-resistant material prevents damage to wrist rest


Wrist Rests are great for providing support; however, they might not fit everyone.

You should only use writs Rest if it provides you comfort while Gaming.

Moreover, when choosing a Wrist Rest, you should only select those with the shape, size, and material you prefer.

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