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ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working: 3 Easy Fixes

BetterDiscord is a great way to customize your Discord client with plugins and themes.

Unfortunately, ZeresPluginLibrary is not working for some users affecting the performance and stability of BetterDiscord.

You can fix ZeresPluginLibrary not working by removing other plugins, reinstalling BetterDiscord and ZeresPluginLibrary, or waiting for an update.

Continue reading more to learn why ZeresPluginLibrary is not working and the ways to fix it.

Why Is ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working?

ZeresPluginLibrary provides valuable features for BetterDiscord users, such as auto-update, settings panel, and context menu.

 However, it is not an official part of BetterDiscord and may not work correctly with the latest version of Discord.

ZeresPluginLibrary not working is a common issue among BetterDiscord users.

According to some sources, a recent Discord update broke some plugin libraries, including ZeresPluginLibrary.

zerespluginlibrary notworking
A Reddit post on Zeresplugin is not working.
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How To Fix ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working?

When ZeresPluginLibrary doesn’t work, it can cause problems for BetterDiscord users. 

For example, some plugins that depend on ZeresPluginLibrary may not function correctly.

This can affect the user experience and functionality of BetterDiscord.

Therefore, following the solutions is necessary to fix the issue immediately.

1. Remove All Plugins 

Remove all plugins other than ZeresPluginLibrary from your plugins folder and see if it works.

This is because some plugins may be incompatible with the latest version of Discord or ZeresPluginLibrary and cause BetterDiscord to crash.

To do this, open your file explorer and navigate to the directory where BetterDiscord is installed.

The default directory for Windows is typically located in C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins.

Alternatively, the default directory is ~/Library/Preferences/BetterDiscord/plugins for Mac.

Then, you need to delete all the plugin files except for ZeresPluginLibrary.plugin.js.

After that, you must restart your Discord client and see if BetterDiscord works.

issue with zeresplugin
A Reddit post on the issue with ZeresPluginLibrary.

2. Reinstall BetterDiscord And ZeresPluginLibrary

Reinstall BetterDiscord and ZeresPluginLibrary from their official websites.

This is because your installation of BetterDiscord or ZeresPluginLibrary may be corrupted or outdated and need to be updated or repaired.

To do this, you need to visit BetterDiscord and download the installer for your operating system.

Then, you need to run the installer and choose the repair option.

This will reinstall BetterDiscord and ZeresPluginLibrary on your Discord client.

Alternatively, you can uninstall BetterDiscord entirely and reinstall it from scratch.

However, back up your plugins and themes before doing so.

3. Wait For An Update

Wait for an update from the developers and check their GitHub pages for any news.

This is because the developers of BetterDiscord and ZeresPluginLibrary may be aware of the issue.

Therefore, they are working on a fix, but it may take some time before release.

To do this, you must visit their GitHub pages and look for any announcements or updates regarding the issue.

You can also join their Discord servers and ask for help or feedback from other users or developers.

The Bottom Line

ZeresPluginLibrary is a plugin library that provides helpful features for BetterDiscord users, such as auto-update, settings panel, and context menu.

A recent Discord update broke some plugin libraries, including ZeresPluginLibrary, causing BetterDiscord to crash or malfunction.

The developers of ZeresPluginLibrary are working on a fix, but it may take some time before they release it.

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