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Desk Returns: Everything You Need to Know

So you’ve decided to furnish an L-shaped or U-shaped desk in your home office. Great!

These workstations provide a vast work surface space to work comfortably and efficiently.

But, have you thought about what kind of return your desk will need to match your workplace and working habits?

After years of working in a home office, I reach a point where my office materials outnumber the desk space available.

As a result, desk return played a crucial role in enhancing my desk space by adding more desk parts.

However,  your desk looks gigantic with desk returns. Hence, you should always select desk returns for your need and advantage.

A “desk return” is the component of one of these desks that connects to the main computer desk and extends to one side. There are three types of desk returns: left, right, and reversible. In addition, U-shape and L-shape desks are made from these returns, each with its structure and features.

Desk with returns
Desk with returns(Source: Amazon)

Choosing a desk return may be challenging if you are inexperienced with desks or returns.

To make this process less stressful, we’ve added some helpful tips to help you pick the workstation arrangement that will work best for you.

Go through every section below in detail to know what desk returns can offer you for the long run in your home office.

What is Desk Return?

Many of you may be unfamiliar with the term desk return. Despite its intriguing name, the desk return is a basic component one can see in many offices.

A desk return is a separate desk facing outwards and attached to one side of a desk. For example, the desk’s return might be on either the left or right side.

The carriage return of the typewriter is linked to the “return” of the desk.

The carriage is the typewriter’s upper section. As a result, the carriage return refers to the top metal part of the typewriter returning to the new line’s beginning point.

The return of the desk, like the carriage return of the typewriter, is linked to the main desk and returns to the main desk.

Desk with return
Desk with returns is spacious and ergonomic.

Hence as the extra portion of the desk returns and connects to the main desk, it is called desk return.

Previously, when the home office system was newly introduced, the most common arrangement for most individuals was a random desk and chairs.

On the other hand, a desk return that provides a substantial amount of space is becoming increasingly desirable in any home office arrangement.

When I heard the term desk return, it made me pause momentarily. However, after acquiring and utilizing it, I’ve understood that the name desk return is a good fit.

Types of Return of the Desk

Regarding desk returns, most people are familiar with the terms left return and proper return. There are. However, several types of desk returns are categorized based on the direction they face.

1. Left return

In left return, the return of the desk is facing toward the left-hand side of the main desk. So, the returns are on the left side when you face towards the main desk.

Furthermore, left return is ideal for persons who have a strong left hand or find it more comfortable to work on the left side of the main desk.

2. Right return

When it comes to the right return, it is located on the right side of the main desk.

While working from the right side, the person with an expressive right hand and a more relaxed body benefit from employing the right return.

3. Reversible return

Returns that can be attached to the main desk from both the right and left sides are reversible.

These are pretty new on the scene. But, on the other hand, reversible returns can be used on both the right and left sides of the desk, enhancing comfort and adaptability.

As a result, reversible returns have recently gotten much attention, and many people want to buy them.

Try to DIY your own desk.

Types of Desk with Returns

Generally, two types of desks are formed when connecting any of these three returns: L-shape desk and U-shape desk.

Type of DeskDimensions
L-shape Desk48-72 inches (Equals to width of main desk)
Length: 60-70 inches
Height: 30 inches
U-shape desk48-72 inches(Equals to width of main desk)
Length: 40-50 inches
Height: 20-30 inches

Why should you Choose a Desk with Returns for your Home Office?

Return Desk provides a wealth of benefits to your home office. The following are some of the most compelling reasons to pick a return desk for your home office.

1. Enhances your Desk Space

The improvement of your whole work area is one of the primary benefits of employing a return desk. In addition, the larger desk will allow you to fit more electronics on it.

One of the most common issues in various home offices is the inability to accommodate necessary office accessories.

As a result, a desk with returns provides you more space on your desk to store your office supplies.

2. Promotes Comfort

A Desk with Return with greater space is also more comfortable. Return desks give an extra arm and legroom and additional room to roam about while working.

Furthermore, a return desk improves your body posture by giving you greater reach to the desk and more space, both of which are beneficial to your comfort.

You can select an appropriate return that meets your needs and improves your comfort.

3. Limit the Use of other Equipment

Even though the return desk occupies a significant portion of your rooms, it does hold a lot of office supplies.

Because it readily stores a variety of office peripherals such as files, monitors, and printers, you may avoid acquiring additional file cabinets and printer stands for your room, which will take up more space in your home office.

It also saves you the extra money you’d spend on such items.

4. Boosts Productivity

Several variables support the fact that desk returns increase productivity.

For beginners, because the desk with return stores more equipment, it saves a lot of time searching for it, resulting in increased production.

Individual productivity is also boosted by the comfort and more space the return desk provides.

Finally, desk returns are visually attractive, improving your working attitude and increasing productivity.

Overall productivity
Overall productivity (Source:

5. Provides Personal Space

Another advantage of a desk drawer is that it gives you lots of personal space while you work. The space on a regular workstation is insufficient.

The desk with returns, such as U-shaped desks with sharp angles and clean lines look well in corners, along the back of a couch, or in front of a window.

This provides a barrier between your office and the rest of the room, providing you with more privacy while you work. You will have your own personal place.

As a result, if two individuals work at the same workstation, a standing desk does not provide personal space. The desk return, on the other hand, offers adequate personal space.

6. Provides Professional Touch up

You may have face-to-face meetings with your customers or clients when you work from home.

The desk with the return, such as an L-shaped desk, which is cleaner and more organized than smaller desk choices, provides a professional appearance while providing enough room for some physical distance.

The presence of your desk conveys professionalism. The returns are typically appealing to the eye. Even if you’re working from home, it gives you the feeling of being in a wonderful workplace.

It also aids in the placement of several gadgets on your desk. The more devices or work essentials you have on your desk, the more professionally you will work.


How to Choose the Right Return for your desk?

Various factors influence your decision on the ideal desk return for your workstations. However, the following are the most critical consideration when selecting a return for your desk.

L Shaped Desk for Home Office
L Shaped Desk for Home Office (Source: Amazon)

1. Determining the Use of your Desk

The type of desk return you use is mostly dictated by how you utilize the desk and the office job.

Generally, home office workers with many gadgets and files require desk returns compared to individuals with small office materials and tools.

Desk returns may be useless for someone with a small online job or who works with little gadgets.

Therefore, one should choose the desk return that fits most gadgets, accessories, and office supplies for your home office.

For more information on the appropriate size for a home office desk. Do check What is the Right Size for Your HomeOffice Desk?

2. Consider the Space in your Room

Most desk returns on the market are enormous and take up a lot of space in your room.

As a result, one should always consider the workplace area before setting up returns on your desk.

If you’re not sure what size desk return you need for your home office desk, go with the reversible return, which fits on either desk side.

The dynamic flexibility of a reversible return can help you fit the desk return into the limited space in your room.

Are you trying to ascertain the size of your home office so that you could adjust your Returns Desk? Well, then Read our article on Ideal Size for your Home Office.

3. Total Working Hours

Another factor to consider while choosing the desk return is the total working hours of an individual. The ergonomics of the desk largely depend upon the comfort the desk offers.

The desk return that forms an L-shape desk is generally great for body posture and active body movement.

Proper body posture and movement are essential for long working hours.

On the other hand, the U-shape workstation neglects body posture, resulting in body discomfort, lower back pain, and joint aching.

Hence, such desks aren’t suitable for long working hours.

When working long hours, the L-shape workstation completely outperforms the U-shape desk.

4. Number of People Working on the Desk

There’s a good chance you’re working at your home office alongside another family member.

The desk returns are critical in successfully providing enough space in this situation.

Because of their versatility, reversible returns are usually the best choice.

It benefits all desk users because one may place it on any side. In addition, it allows the returns to be used in suitable locations while being comfortable.

An L-shaped desk commonly accommodates two people. Due to its larger surface area, a U-shape desk, on the other hand, can accommodate up to three people.

Happy co-workers
Happy co-workers (Source:

Is it a good idea to share your workstation? Do you want to set up a home office that can accommodate two or three individuals.

Read here to find more: How to Create Home Office for Three people?

5. Functionality and Comfort

As previously said, the return of the desk is also determined by a person’s expressive hand. Right-handed people, for example, prefer the right return, whereas left-handed people prefer the left return.

However, your body position may influence the return; if your body posture is more comfortable on the left side, you may prefer a left return and vice-versa.

The reversible return is ideal for someone who likes to shift around their workspace regularly.

Under the heading of functionality, another thing to consider is the amount of leg and arm room you’ll need for appropriate ergonomics at your workstation.

6. Quality of Desk Return

It’s always a good idea to use materials for your desk return that are better in quality than your desk. Many returns hold a variety of vital devices such as printers and monitors.

As a result, a higher-quality return is more likely to last longer and support heavier items without issue.

If you wanna know about the material in your home office desk. Do check What Materials are Best for an Office Desk?

7. Budget-Friendly

After quality, pricing is another element to consider while selecting a return. Desk returns aren’t something you’ll see every day in your home office.

It’s merely an add-on component that helps and simplifies your office task.

Because this is an optional setting in your home office, choosing a low-price return is always a good choice.

The normal desk is usually less expensive than the desk with returns. As a result, you may buy a less expensive desk and modify it with extra returns, which will be less expensive than a desk with built-in returns.

8. Returns that are Simple to Connect

You may connect the returns to your desk in a variety of ways. Some returns, for example, include metal connectors to make them easier to attach to your desk.

On the other hand, some returns have a-holes that one must drill to connect to the main desk. Finally, select desk returns that can be flipped over or removed when not in use.

Now that you’ve found your dream desk, it’s time to assemble it.

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Can you Add Returns to your Existing Desk?

One can add returns to the majority of the desk. 

The returns, however, may vary depending on your desk’s height, width, and length.

The best way to add returns to your desk is to measure its height, breadth, and length and either customize it or purchase a return that is the same size as your desk.

Lorell Desk Return
Lorell Desk Return( Source: Amazon)

How to Add External Returns to your Existing Desk?

Following is the step-by-step guide to adding returns to your existing desk.

Materials Required to Add Returns to your Existing Desk

Step 1: Measure the dimensions of your main desk and customize or purchase the returns to match the measurements. The width, height, and length of your returns are similar to the main desk. Measure the dimension correctly with the measuring tape.

Step 2: Depending on your desk and the size of your room, purchase the appropriate right, left, or reversible return.

Step 3: All returns include predrilled holes with metal inserts for attaching to the main desk. You might connect your main desk to the predrilled holes with a metal insert.

Step 4: Suppose you are using a traditional wooden deck with no predrilled holes. Hire a carpenter to drill holes in the appropriate place in your desk to attach the return desk. You can drill the holes with a driller.

Step 5: One can also use wood glue to join the edges of the returns to the main desk. The returns connected by wooden glue are generally used on only one side. You can construct a metal-to-metal connector on your main desk.

Cam lock connector
Connector Return Desk(Source: Amazon)

The metal lock connector avoids drilling any holes to connect the returns. Instead, connect the returns directly with that main desk through such connectors.

The modern cam lock connectors help you use various returns available in the market.

Some of the Best Desks with Returns

It cannot be easy to find a desk return that is suitable for your workstation. As a result, there are various high-quality desks with good returns on the market.

Here are some of the best recommendations for you.

Desk with desk returnsType of desk
Bush Business L Shaped DeskL-shape desk
Reversible return
‎60 x 64.33 x 30 inches
Sauder Shoal Creek L-DeskL-shape desk
Reversible return
‎58.74 x 58.74 x 29.76 inches
Bush Business Furniture Series C EliteU-shape desk
Left return
‎58.86 x 78.31 x 29.84
Merax U-Shaped Computer DeskU-shape desk
Reversible return
78.7 x 47 x 30.1 inches
Bush Series C Elite Right hand returnU-shape desk
Right return
71.02 x 106.46 x 29.85 inches

Final Takeaway

Even though the return of the desk is an assisting component for your desks, it may be a major help in your task and office.

Due to an abundance of market returns, selecting the appropriate returns for the desk is always a challenge.

Always think about the comfort, effectiveness, and returns that suit your home office’s aesthetics and can carry many gadgets.

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