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What Does 0.001% Mean In Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is here with all the exciting details about your musical tastes.

In addition, Spotify Wrapped is a feature that helps to summarize your music history annually.

Also, this tradition is looked up to by not only the artists but also the listeners.

Spotify Wrapped is a feature that helps to know the users’ listening habits and the artists’ fanbase annually. Also, if you’re in the 0.001 % of fans of any artist, you’re among their top fans.

Here, we will discuss all the details of Spotify wrapped and what it means to be in the top 0.001 %.

What Is Spotify Wrapped?

For as long as humans can remember, music has been their way of spreading messages, love, and kindness.

People have been going to Spotify, one of the largest music streaming platforms, for years.

And the Wrapped feature of Spotify has helped it grow even more.

Spotify Wrapped is a feature that allows you to wrap up all the music listening habits of a user.

It provides data such as your top artist, top song, top genre, and many more annually.

In addition, this feature has been celebrated and loved by artists and listeners worldwide.

In fact, the anticipation of Spotify Wrapped is up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Spotify Wrapped, the feature first started six years ago, in December 2016.

However, Spotify released a similar feature called “A Year in Music” in 2015.

This marketing campaign by Spotify has become a viral feature of the app.

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How To Check Spotify Wrapped?

Nowadays, more than others, people believe in working smart, not hard.

So, one of the few reasons that Spotify Wrapped is so popular is its ease of use.

Here are the details of how to check your Spotify wrapped 2023.

  1. Firstly, open up your Spotify app and make sure that you have the latest version.
  2. If not, update your Spotify app either from the PlayStore or the AppStore.
  3. Then, Spotify Wrapped will pop up on the home screen as soon as you open the app.
  4. If not, a “Wrapped” button is on the top-right corner of the home screen.
Wrapped 2023
To check out Spotify Wrapped 2023, click on the Wrapped button in the top-right corner.
  1. After clicking on the Wrapped button, click on the “Your Wrapped” button.
Your Wrapped
Click on Your Wrapped to gain information about your Spotify Wrapped.
  1. Finally, enjoy all the details about your music listening habits.

Spotify Wrapped will give you information about the following:

  • Most Listened Song
  • Most Listened Artist
  • Top 5 Artist
  • Top 5 Songs
  • Sound Town
  • Me in 2023
  • Top Podcaster

You can gain much more information from the Spotify Wrapped feature.

Also, you can get a personalized message from your favorite artist.

What It Means To Be The On Top 0.001%?

One of the most important features of Spotify Wrapped 2023 is the percentage meter.

It shows your dedication and listening hours for a particular song, artist, or podcast.

Furthermore, being in the top 0.001 % refers to how often you listen to a song or podcast.

Spotify Wrapped 0.001 podcast
A fan is among the top 0.001% of the Rotten Mango podcast fans.

In addition, this feature makes both the artist and listener feel special.

Also, the feature can help artist know their fans and the overall fanbase.

Other than the 0.001 %, fans have been on the top 0.01, 0.1, 0.5, 1, and 2 %.

Spotify Wrapped 0.5
Spotify Wrapped information about the top 0.5 listeners.

Fans have taken over social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to showcase their achievements.

Twitter Spotify Wrapped
A user taking to Twitter to talk about their Spotify Wrapped 2023.

In addition, Apple Music has also released its wrap known as Replay.

The Bottom Line

Spotify Wrapped is one of the most celebrated features of the application.

In addition, Spotify Wrapped 2023 is here and is bigger than ever.

Furthermore, it has features such as top artists, songs, and many more.

Along with that, the top fan and their percentage has made this feature more exciting.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out your Spotify Wrapped 2023 now!

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