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Google Music Wrapped: Recap Your Best Music

As this year is about to end, most users around the globe are waiting for Google Music Wrapped to collect their personalized recaps.

Since last year, Google Music has announced the Google Music wrapped feature to allow their subscriber to relive their moment of the year.

Since Google Music has already closed its streaming services and transitioned to YouTube Music, users can now listen to their favorite recap songs on YouTube Music wrapped. Similarly, YouTube music wraps up the music choices of the users for a year and reveals the most played music.

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Transition Of Google Music To YouTube Music

Users have to understand that Google has already dismissed their Google Music and collaborated with YouTube Music.

Similarly, users have to acknowledge the transition from Google Music To YouTube Music as it is Google’s decision.

Google terminated its music streaming services in 2018 and suggested its subscribers use YouTube Music.

Google Music Wrapped In Youtube Music
Google Music has closed its services and integrated with YouTube Music.

From May 2020, users were able to deliver their Google Music collection to YouTube Music and its podcast history.

Besides this activity allowed users to transfer their music collections, preferences, playlists, and podcast history swiftly to YouTube Music.

Thus, with the integration of all these features, YouTube Music has now become the most famous comprehensive music platform.

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Youtube Music Wrapped: Discovering The 2023 Recap

In the last year, YouTube Music has also integrated the wrapped feature on their streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Similarly, these wrapped features allow their users to personalize their music choices based on their most played song in that year.

Users can now acknowledge the most played songs this year and explore the music recap made for them.

Access YouTube Music Wrapped  On Mobile

Users can easily access the collection of their favorite music wrapped on YouTube Music from their mobile.

However, users have to go through certain steps before they can access the music recap for a whole year.

Youtube Wrapped Music
Users are finding their top artists in music recap.

Here are some of the steps to access YouTube Music:

  1. Firstly, users need to open the YouTube Music App on their mobile phones and tap on their profile.
  2. Likewise, upon visiting their profile on the account page, users can witness the Your Recap option.
  3. Simply tap on that option, and you will be taken to your YouTube Music 2023 Recap page.
  4. Now, users can press the Watch Now Button to play the Wrapped Music for this year.
  5. Finally, users can enjoy the year-long recap story of their music in Carousel.

Access YouTube Music Wrapped On Desktop

Those users who use the desktop to access YouTube Music can also find their music wrapped on YouTube Music.

Similarly, YouTube Music has already enlisted its wrapped feature on the website, and users can enjoy it.

However, users must understand that they cannot witness the Carousel in the Desktop version as it is only made for phones.

Here are some of the steps to access the youtube Music from your Desktop:

  1. Firstly, open your browser and navigate to the official site of YouTube Music.
  2. Now, users have to tap on their profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Upon visiting their profile, users can find the Recap playlist by selecting the Your channel option.
  4. Likewise, users can now spot the recap playlist and look forward to enjoying the music.

The Bottom Line

Google Music has already closed its services and suggested users use YouTube Music for better quality.

Like Spotify and Apple Music, users can now listen to their favorite songs for this year by visiting the recap playlist of YouTube music. 

Additionally, users can access Google Music Wrapped by visiting the YouTube music website or web application. 

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