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Eagle 500 KG Bomb Bugged In Helldivers 2: No Explosion

The Eagle 500 KG Bomb in Helldivers 2 is not working as it should and many players suspect it to be bugged.

500 KG Bomb is one of the stratagems in the game that can wipe off a large number of enemies instantly.

However, many players are reporting issues with the 500kg bomb not being reliable and hampering their gameplay.

Continue reading to find out more about the 500 KG Bomb bugged in Helldivers 2.

What Is The Eagle 500KG Bomb In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, players rely heavily on their arsenal of weapons and stratagems to overcome the battle against the aliens.

You can use stratagems like spear, Ems Mortar Sentry, Eagle 500 Kg Bomb, Orbital Laser etc during the battles.

However, many Helldivers have encountered issues with one particular stratagem recently in the heat of combat: Eagle 500 Kg Bomb.

500 KG Bomb in Helldivers 2
Players can call the 500 KG Bomb to kill a large number of enemies during battles in Helldivers 2.

In Helldivers 2, the Eagle 500 kg bomb is a powerful weapon that players can call in during missions to deal massive damage to enemies.

Furthermore, It’s like a huge explosive that drops from the sky to wipe out big threats and enemy nests.

The Eagle 500KG bomb is a game changer as it causes a big explosion upon dropping and destroys everything within its range.

Additionally, it is a large bomb that obliterates almost any target close to its impact.

So, players must take a safe spot before calling it to avoid being in its range of impact.

Stats Of The Eagle 500 KG Bomb

The calling time of the Eagle 500 bomb Strategem is 0 seconds which means it comes very quickly.

You can unlock this Offensive Strategem bomb when you reach level 15 in Helldivers 2.

However, this big explosive bomb has just one use and you cannot summon it multiple times.

So, you must plan your moves when you call the Eagle 500KG bomb in for an explosion to make the most of this stratagem.

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Is Eagle 500 KG Bomb Bugged In Helldivers 2?

The Eagle 500KG Bomb is a very powerful and effective Strategem in Helldivers 2 which can help survive Hulk and tank attacks.

However, players have reported encountering bugs and glitches related to the deployment and damage output of this weapon.

The Eagle 500 kg bomb is bugged in Helldivers 2 as many players face issues when trying to use the bomb in missions.

1. No Explosion With The 500 Kg Bomb 

When players call in the 500 KG Bomb in the battle, the bomb shows up but it does not explode upon impact.

In addition, many players also face the issue of the 500 kg bomb disappearing from the inventory upon deployment.

The bug or glitch in this particular stratagem causes unexpected behaviour within the game environment.

Hence, it can heavily affect the player’s game flow making it hard for players to use the bomb as intended.

2. Eagle 500 KG Damage Glitch In Helldivers 2

Apart from being bugged, players have noticed a damage glitch with the 500 kg bomb in Helldivers 2.

The glitch affects the bomb’s damage output and completely messes up how much damage the bomb does.

The 500 Kg Bomb deals significantly less damage than it should and does not destroy the enemies.

Eagle 500 Kg bugged in Helldivers 2
The Eagle 500 kg bomb has bugs and glitches as it does not cause an explosion upon impact.

Hence, players can’t count on the 500 KG bomb to take out big threats or wipe out enemy bases like they normally would.

The root cause of the glitch in the 500 KG bomb is still uncertain but it may be the result of coding errors or server-related issues.

3. Development Team Working On Fixes

Due to the reports of the 500 kg bomb glitch, the Helldivers 2 development team are actively investigating the issue.

They are working on updates and patches that address various bugs and glitches including the 500kg bomb glitch.

While the developers work on fixing the 500 kg bomb problem, players can try using different stratagems and strategies instead.

Players can experiment with different load-outs and use other heavy damage stratagems to maintain momentum during missions.

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