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Explore The Give Heart Option Of Lies Of P

Lies of P has three different endings based on the choices you make in the game.

You can choose various Lie and Truth options throughout the game.

Furthermore, there is no need to choose only Truths or only Lies.

The Give Heart option from Lies of P decides the game’s ending. There are three different endings of the game that you can decide from the choices you make throughout the game.

Here, we will discuss the details of the give heart option on the endings of Lies of P.

The Endings Of Lies Of P

Lies of P has three different endings to the game, which are decided through your choices.

The three endings to the game are the true, good and bad endings.

This is quite common for soulslike games to have multiple endings.

give heart option
Geppetto will ask you for your heart.

Here is a breakdown of all the three endings of the game.

Ending 1: They Lived Happily Ever After

The “They Lived Happily Ever After” is the Real Boy ending. This ending is the worst possible ending for Lies of P.

Furthermore, this ending heavily affects your character and those around you.

You will find Geppetto after defeating Simon Manus and using the elevator.

Additionally, Geppetto will congratulate you and make you a real boy. You must give him your heart to become a real boy.

Therefore, you have a choice to make either Give Heart or Refuse.

Geppetto asks to give heart lies of p
You have to meet Geppetto after the elevator.

Ending 2: Rise of P

Rise of P is another conclusion you can get to the game, which is a true ending.

To get the ending, the player must lie whenever possible and increase their humanity.

If you get the “Your Heart is Pounding” message, you are on the right path to this ending.

Additionally, you must follow the same path as the Real Boy ending to get to this ending.

Geppetto will give you the same two choices: give your heart or refuse.

Ending 3: Free From The Puppet String

Free From The Puppet String is the final ending you can gain to Lies of P.

This is a normal ending to the game; to get it, the player must tell the truth whenever possible.

Additionally, defeat Laxasia the Complete and interact with Sophia.

To further gain this ending, choose the option of “Let her live” to Sophia.

You will also have the option to either give your heart or refuse in this ending.

Continue reading to learn the Choice for Sophia in Lies of P.

Give Heart Option In The Endings 

The Give Heart option is available in all three endings of the game.

Accepting to give your heart or refusing is also an option that decides the game’s ending.

give heart choice
You can either choose to give your heart or refuse.

In addition, you have to choose the Give Heart option to get the Real Boy ending.

However, to get the Rise of P ending and Free From The Puppet String ending, you have to refuse to give your heart.

The consequences of the options are:

1. Give Heart Option 

The Give Heart option activates the Real Boy ending of the game.

If you decide to choose this option, Geppetto will be very happy and satisfied with you.

Geppetto happy
Geppetto will be satisfied if you decide to give your heart.

In addition, he will take your heart and give it to his son to bring him back alive.

Finally, his family will be complete, and this will be a happy ending to the game.

Geppetto ending
Geppetto finally meets his son after giving his heart.

2. Refusing To Give Your Heart 

If you refuse to give your heart to Geppetto, he will be disappointed in you.

At first, he will be in denial, but he accepts after a while.

Then, accepting his fate and unable to bring his son, he will try to fight for your heart.

Furthermore, he will bring his son back to life for one last fight.

You must defeat the Nameless Puppet once you refuse to give your heart.

Geppetto kills
The Nameless Puppet will kill Geppetto if you refuse to give your heart.

Geppetto will come between the fight to protect Carlo’s heart that you have.

Therefore, he will die from the attack of the Nameless Puppet.

He dies in regret, and choosing this option will make his wish to bring his son back to life will be unfulfilled.

Gepptto dies
Geppetto will die in regret if you refuse to give your heart.

The Bottom Line

Your choice of whether you give your heart or refuse also determines the game’s ending.

If you decide to give your heart, Geppetto will be thankful, and he will be able to revive his son back to life.

However, if you decide to refuse, Geppetto will be disappointed in you, and you will have to defeat the Nameless puppet.

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