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Learn About A Garden In The Desert Dreamlight Valley

In Dreamlight Valley A Garden In The Desert quest, players must rebuild the gardening area in the Glittering Dunes.

Moreover, players must talk with Scrooge and follow his advice to complete this quest.

A Garden In The Desert is a quest given by Scrooge McDuck that requires planting Celery, Broccoli and Cabbage around Eternity Isle.

Continue reading to learn more about A Garden In The Desert Quest and how to complete it in Dreamlight Valley.

A Garden In The Desert In Dreamlight Valley

In A Garden In The Desert, you need to speak with Scrooge McDuck and he will give you some advice.

Moreover, he will tell you a place that needs to be turned into a garden and how to jumpstart the economy in Eternity Isle.

A Garden In The Desert
Players must plant and harvest three items that they can buy from the Goofy’s stall.

Hence, start planting and harvesting the Cabbage seeds, Celery seeds, and Broccoli seeds in Isle.

If you plant all the items and turn the desert into a garden, you’ll be swimming in Star Coins in no time.

In addition, you need to travel to various places to collect the required seeds and they are explained below.

  • 6 Cabbage seeds: Available for purchase at The Grassland Goofy Stall
  • 6 Celery seeds: Available for purchase at The Docks Goofy Stall.
  • 6 Broccoli seeds: Available for purchase at the The Plains Goofy Stall.
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How To Complete A Garden In The Desert Quest?

Players must follow Scrooge McDuck’s guidelines to collect all the items for gardening.

Moreover, here is a step-by-step process to complete A Garden In The Desert in Dreamlight Valley.

1. Make Conversation With Scrooge McDuck 

Players must interact with Scrooge McDuck in the Eternity Isle to initiate the quest.

In addition, he will give you some tips about Eternity Isle economy.

2. Collect The Materials

After interacting with McDuck, players need to gather all the items to initiate the quest.

Further, players should find six Cabbage, six Broccoli, and six Celery seeds for plantation and harvesting.

Collecting all the seeds for plantation and harvesting.
Collecting Cabbage, Broccoli and Celery from Goofy’s Stall.

Moreover, players can find all the items in Goofy’s Stall.

Since you have helped Goofy open his stall in the Dunes already, it shouldn’t be any trouble for you to find the seeds.

3. Plant And Harvest

Start Planting those vegetables you brought from Goofy in the Glittering Dunes.

Furthermore, this will make the Eternity Isle more prosperous.

4. Go Back To Docks

Scrooge will ask you if you have planted those crops as advised or not and confirm it.

Moreover, players will return the precious Gems that they have collected while travelling through the Isle to him.

Friendship With Scrooge McDuck 

Completing quests or cooking delicious meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley is most important.

However, players should work towards increasing their friendship with all the characters in the game too.

Disney-Dreamlight-Valley Scroog McDuck
Players must talk with Scrooge McDuck to complete the quest.

As your friendship with Scrooge McDuck increases, you will unlock the various essential rewards.

Hence, he will provide you with a Decor Item, Design Motif, 500 Star Coins, and Clothes in different levels of the game.

The Bottom Line

Players will be able to buy any Cabbage Seeds from Goofy if they help him set up his in The Wild Tangle.

Similarly, it is necessary to set a stall in the Dunes to get the seed for Broccoli.

Moreover, unlocking the Goofy’s Stall in The Wild Tangle and The Glittering Dunes is mandatory.

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