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Complete A Letter For Antonio Quest In Dreamlight Valley

Players are curious about how to complete a letter for Antonio quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

This quest is an introduction to each species of Capybaras in the game and their whereabouts.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, a letter for Antonio quest requires players to find different types of capybaras and click pictures with all of them alongside Mirabel. These pictures are for a letter to Antonio about all the new critters in the game.

Continue reading to find out more about how to complete a quest called A Letter for Antonio in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What Is A Letter For Antonio?

A letter for Antonio is a new friendship quest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley given by Mirabel.

Furthermore, this quest is about sending information about the new critters in the game to a friend.

In this quest, a character called Mirabel is curious about the jungle.

A Letter for Antonio
The new quest of Dreamlight Valley is to send a letter to Antonio with information about the new critters.

So, she wants to send a letter to her friend Antonio about all the new critters on Eternity Isle.

Hence, players must take pictures of the new critters with Mirabel to send the letter for completing the quest.

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How To Complete A Letter For Antonio Quest In Dreamlight Valley?

To complete a letter for Antonio’s quest, you must finish a series of tasks.

The first task is to capture a picture of Classic Capybara alongside Mirabel.

Furthermore, the second task is to capture a black and white capybara near Mirabel.

click pictures
Players must click pictures with all capybaras alongside Mirabel to complete the quest.

The next task is to take a picture of blue-striped capybara and gray spotted capybara.

Likewise, the last picture that you must capture is of Red and White Striped Capybara with Mirabel.

Where To Find The Capybaras?

You can go to the Eternity Isle collection to find out when the critters show up.

Furthermore, you can see the schedule and location of each critter in the game.

When you spot the capybara, go near it as they are friendly creatures.

In addition, you can give the capybara bamboo to eat before clicking the picture.

Players can give bamboo or cabbages to all capybaras to receive crystal from each of them.

You must call Mirabel and take her picture with the capybara to finish one quest.

To find the classic capybara you can go to the lands alongside the Groove.

Similarly, you can find the blue-striped capybara in The Groove.

The black and white capybara schedule is all day and you can find it in The promenade.

grey capybara
Find the black and white capybara in The Promenade in Dreamlight Valley.

Likewise, the schedule for red and white shipped capybara is not available all the time.

However, you can find it if you search for it in the Lagoon.

Moreover, the red and white striped capybara spawning schedule is 12 pm to 6 pm in The Lagoon.

Further, using the in-game map, you can go to The Lagoon to find the gray spotted capybara.

Give Capybaras Their Favorite Foods

You can give capybaras their favorite foods like cabbage and bamboo while taking pictures.

The cabbage seeds are spread in the Wild tangle so find them and grow them.

After that, capybaras will give you a special crystal when you feed them.

Finally, you can talk to Mirabel and give her all the pictures.

Mirabel will send the letter to Antonio mentioning all the capybaras and you will complete the quest.

The Bottom Line

A Letter for Antonio is a fun quest in Dreamlight Valley where you wander around clicking pictures with capybara.

Finding each species of capybara can be tricker in this quest as they have different spawning schedules.

However, you can keep checking their spawning schedule and location in the collection of Eternity Isle to click pictures with them.

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