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A4B4D4E4 Klue In MK1: Full Guide

A4B4D4E4 is among the many Klues in the Mortal Kombat (MK1).

The Klue appears in the Season of Blood Moon, which is a possible hint to progress through.

The A4B4D4E4 is the Klue of the Get Up in Rampart in MK1. Players must complete the task using the Stryker’s fatality: Safety Vest.

Continue reading to explore the Klue and know the solution in Mortal Kombat 1.

What Is A4B4D4E4 In MK1?

A4B4D4E4 is the Klue of the Rampart Map in season 2.

The klue appeared in the Get Up task when players entered the map.

In this klue, C4 is missing, which is a significant hint to complete the Invasion mode task.

With the season update, we will get Klues, including Body Bender, Ohme Nru, Spicy Ketch Up and Besos. 

However, not all the invasion modes will have Klue, so they must find a solution. 

Nonetheless, players with the Klue have a higher chance of knowing the fighter and the move.

Depending upon the Klue, players should also figure out the move, i.e., fatality or brutality.

If a player can progress through the invasion mode, progression will gradually increase.

Further, players will also get experience points and other rewards depending on the difficulty.

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Completing A4B4D4E4 Klue In MK1

The task solution of A4B4D4E4 Klue in Mortal Kombat 1 is provided below;

1. Unlock Kameo Character

To start the task via the A4B4D4E4 Klue, players must have the Stryker.

Players should replace the character with their current fighter if a player has the pack.

However, players can have any main character as their fighter.

2. Enter Rampart

Players should enter the Rampage, one of the eight map locations of season 2.

After progressing through the invasion mode, the player must have around 33% completion to start the Get Up task.

A4B4D4E4 mk1
Enter the Get Up task in Rampart.

3. Start The Fight

After entering the kombat zone, players will face Constable Cadet.

On different invasion tasks, players will face unique opponents; hence, players must know the specialized moveset of many characters.

Players should attack the opponent continuously and knock her down.

After getting the Finish Her comment, players can finally use the Stryker Fatality move.

To solve the A4B4D4E4 Klue, players must use Stryker’s Safety Vest Fatality.

A4B4D4E4 mk1
Use the Stryker’s Fatality.

Moreover, players must use the Safety Vest Fatality on PS5 to use the forward, downward, forward and R1 buttons.

Xbox and NS players should use the forward, downward, forward and R1 and R buttons, respectively.

Stryker will tighten a bomb above the opponent’s chest and trigger the bomb to break the breaking into tiny pieces.

Players will get relatively higher XP for completing the Get Up Task.

The Bottom Line

In A4B4D4E4 Klue, C4 is missing, the plastic explosive used in the battles.

Hence, if players use Stryker’s Fatality, the Kameo Character will trigger an explosive with the move.

Players will receive a chest containing three rewards: Relic, Nitara Palette and 500 Seasonal Kredits.

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