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Acid Reflux In MK1: A Guide For Gamers

Mortal Kombat is a media franchise that centers around a series of fighting video games.

In MK1, Reptile is a character who uses Acid Reflux as his fatality move.

In MK1, Acid Reflux is a fatality move used by Reptile. You can perform this move by pressing forward, down, back, and front from close range.

This article discusses acid reflux and how to perform and use the reptile in MK1 effectively.

What Is Acid Reflux In MK1?

Acid Reflux is a fatality move performed by Reptile in Mortal Kombat 1.

The reptile launches his tongue and wraps it around the victim’s throat.

Afterwards, he starts spitting acid that dissolves their hands and then takes off their skull and crushes it in his palm.

However, there are several awesome fatality moves, and Acid Reflux is one of them.

mk1 acid reflux reptile
This is the appearance of a Reptile who uses Acid Reflux in MK1.
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How Can You Perform Acid Reflux?

You can use Acid Reflux fatality by pressing forward, down, back, and front from close range.

However, Acid Reflux does not work while the Reptile is next to the opponent.

Therefore the player needs to take a few steps away before performing the move.

acid reflux in mk1
This is the scene of the acid reflux used by the Reptile in MK1.

Then, the reptile will change and strangle the opponent with his tongue if completed correctly.

As they try to free themselves, the corrosive acid from his tongue melts their hands.

Furthermore, Reptile strengthens his grip, removes the head, and then crushes it in his fist.

The blood and brain pieces of the opponent explode everywhere on the battlefield.

Guide To Use Reptile Properly In MK1

The difficulty level of Reptile in Mortal Kombat varies depending on the game and the specific challenge.

In Mortal Kombat 1, Reptile is considered insanely difficult even on the easiest level.

1. Learn Reptile’s Moveset

Reptile possesses a wide range of moves and can be used to confuse opponents.

Therefore, you can use low assault and force balls to dominate space.

2. Change Up Your Assaults

You should use a variety of attacks to become unpredictable for opponents.

Therefore, to keep your opponent on their toes, try varying your attacks, especially low attacks.

3. Reptile’s Speed

The Reptile is a quick character who might be difficult to hit.

Therefore, use his quickness to your advantage by quickly moving in and out of range.

4. Practice Your Combos

Reptile has several different combos in his arsenal against opponents.

Thus, you can use several combos to damage the opponent.

Practice the combos to get a feel for how they work and when to use them.

5. Use Reptile’s Invisibility Move

Reptile has an invisibility move that can be used to catch opponents off guard.

To perform this move, press down, up, and then the block button.

6. Play The Neutral Game

Reptile has a good range that can be used to catch opponents off guard or create spacing.

Therefore, use a normal move set to play the neutral game and control the match’s pace.

7. Use Reptile’s Cameo Fighters

You can mix your attacks in the match with several different cameo fighters.

Furthermore, you should experiment with different cameo fighters to find the best.

The Bottom Line

Acid Reflux is one of the most devastating fatality moves in Mortal Kombat 1.

Therefore, players find the Acid Reflux move aggressive and disgusting simultaneously.

Hence, you must choose Reptile to use the Acid Reflux fatality move in Mortal Kombat 1.

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