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Body Blender In Mortal Kombat 1: Klue Solution

Many players are figuring out how to perform the Body Blender Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.

However, even after trying many moves, players cannot progress through.

Players should keep Kenshi as the Fighter to complete the Body Blender Klue in Mortal Kombat 1. Later, Players should perform the first Fatality blended on the Fire Temple.

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Body Blender in Mortal Kombat 1

Body Blender is an invasion task in the Mortal Kombat Season 2, where there are enormous updates and patch fixes.

The Invasion mode occurs in the Sticks and Stones, where players must figure out the Character and the exact move.

Moreover, the invasion can guide players to learn and perform new moves in combat.

But the Klue in the mode can differ from tasks and map locations.

Terah Cktata, Erteca Aosch, and Toasty are similar to Klue but with different moves.

If players complete the Klue, they can increase the XP, unlock new rewards and gradually increase the level.

Additionally, with the rewards, players can unlock new agents and progress.

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How To Perform Body Blender in MK1?

To complete the Body Blender Klue in MK1, follow the given procedure;

1. Equip Kenshi

If players have other fighters on the line, quickly switch to Kenshi.

Thankfully, players won’t need Talisman nor the relic to have the upper hand in the battle.

2. Enter Fire Temple

After placing Kenshi as a fighter, the player should head to the Fire Temple.

Fire Temple MK1
Enter the Fire Temple map.

In Fire Temple, players should start Sticks and Stones.

3. Use Fatality 

In Sticks and Stones, players should start the battle with Scholar.

Scholar Fight
Start the fight with Scholar in Fire Temple.

Also, players won’t need a second fatality while performing the Klue; the first Fatality blended gets the job done.

Moreover, the control button can vary on the player’s Keybinds and devices so that players can look up their settings.

fatalities best key binds
Players should use the Fatality according to the key binds.

Kenshi’s Fatality breaks the opponent’s neck and ruptures the mouth with the Sword.

Moreover, there will be a blood flow, and Kenshi will hover the opponent upside-down in the air.

Lastly, Kensi will split the body part into two halves, ensuring the Fatality win in Mortal Kombat 1.

body blender mortal kombat 1
Players will get the Fatality Kenshi Wins message after winning the battle via the move.

After completing the battle, players will get XP; however, it may vary on the battle period, moves and other factors.

The Bottom Line

Body Blender in Mortal Kombat 1 is a simple Klue task in Fire Temple where players just need the first fatality move.

There are other Klue, including Spicy Ketchup, Besos, Yzark Tihstab, and Omhe Nru, with the latest update of MK1.

However, all the Klue will not solve just with the Fatality, so players must try different abilities and characters for solutions.

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