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How To Find The Abrasive Whetstone In Remnant 2?

Abrasive Whetstone in Remnant 2 is a type of Amulet

Moreover, the Amulet enhances combat ability against powerful enemies in the events.

Abrasive Whetstone in Remnant 2 is a powerful Amulet that can increase Crit Damage and Crit Chances against bleeding enemies. The Amulet can be bought from NPC called Cass at Ward 13. 

Continue reading to know the usage and location of Abrasive Whetstone in Remnant 2.

What Is Abrasive Whetstone?

Abrasive Whetstone is one of the 58 Amulets in Remnant 2.

Players can only equip many amulets in their designated inventory for advanced usage.

The amulets can assist players in winning combat against Stronger Bosses in Remnant 2.

Moreover, the Whetstone Amulet is basically a Coarse-grained stone obtained from an Iced location. 

The Iced location is quite old, considering it has not been used in many years.

Furthermore, the location also consists of potent sharp weapons. 

Abrasive Whetstone works best against bleeding enemies by enhancing Crit chance and Crit damage by 15% and 30%, respectively. 

In contrast, the stone helps to dismantle powerful enemies easily, thanks to its exquisite damage.

Amulets are precious items. Players can extract through various means, including completing in-game events and defeating enemies. 

The item can enhance skills and abilities to win combat against enemies or help trade exclusive inventories.

Where To Find Abrasive Whetstone?

The  Abrasive Whetstone is found in Ward 13 in Reamnant 2.

Ward 13 is one of the exclusive locations and a central hub for trade.

Moreover, Players can trade their valuable items for the Abrasive Whetstone with Cass. 

Cass is an in-game Non-player character(NPC) located in Ward 13. 

Abrasive Whetstone Remnant 2
Interacting with Cass for trading Abrasive Whetstone

In contrast, NPCs are the characters that guide players for future events and act as merchants.

Players can buy or sell various items found in various locations to upgrade their inventories.

All the  trading is settled in Ward 13, which is an exclusive location in a center hub for trading,

Players can also meet various other Merchants, including Brabus, McCabe and Wallace if they are opting for trade.  

How To Find The Abrasive Whetstone In Remnant 2?

After completing the Yaesha multiplayer adventure in Remnant 2, players can extract the Abrasive Whetstone.

Use the following process to extract the item;

  1. Visit the Ward 13 location in Remnant 2. 
  2. Search for the in-game NPC called Cass.
  3. Approach Cass and start having a conversation with them
  4. Wait for the Merchant to rotate the inventories until you get Abrasive Whetstone Amulet.
  5. Trade your items for an Abrasive Whetstone

How To Use The Abrasive Whetstone?

Abrasive Whetstone can be helpful in various builds.

Players can opt to use the stone to extract powerful Archetypes and upgrade skills, weapons, and vests.

The Abrasive Whetstone also works as a perk to complete further events in the game. 

Overall the builds can take players’ gameplay to the next level, thanks to gamers’ unique playstyles and gaming approaches. 

The Bottom Line

Abrasive Whetstone in Remnant 2 is a powerful Amulet.

The Amulet can increase Crit Chance and Crit Damage against Bleeding enemies; hence players will have the upper hand in the fight.

The Whetstone can be bought from an in-game NPC  called Cass at Ward 13. 

Hopefully, players can extract valuable items from various locations and trade them for the Whetstone. 

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