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Explore The Booster Tower Curtains Minigame

In Super Mario RPG Remake, players must explore the Booster Tower, which involves a unique minigame involving curtains.

Besides the curtain minigame, players can embark on a thrilling adventure filled with puzzles and surprises in the booster tower.

In Super Mario RPG Remake, players can complete the Booster Tower Curtains minigame by evading the Booster’s attention and Snifit’s line of sight as they only check the curtain before them.

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Unlock The Curtains Minigame

Players can enjoy the captivating Curtains Minigame by proceeding to the height of the Booster Tower.

Similarly, players can only access this minigame while marching forward in the Super Mario RPG main storyline.

Besides that, players can only enter the Booster Tower after the Bowsers decide to join them in pursuit of saving Princess Peach.

Booster Tower Curtains
A player is about to play the Curtains Minigame.

Upon entering the Booster Tower, players must make their way to the top of the building by fighting the enemies that come along.

Now players can access the Booster Tower Curtains minigame and complete the mission to achieve several rewards.

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Curtains MiniGame In Booster Tower

Right after players reach the top of the Booster Tower, they come across the side quest of the Booster Tower.

Similarly, players need to go to the southwest door to talk to the peach, which allows them to engage in the side quest.

The side quest is the curtain minigame, where players have to hide from the booster’s and Snifit’s line of sight.

Hide From Booster and Snifsters
Players should hide from the Booster and his snifits.

Upon successfully hiding from the Booster and Snifits, players can achieve Gold Bars for not getting caught.

Besides that, players are also awarded the Booster’s Charm if they hide from the Snifits behind curtains.

Players must be extra careful while hiding from the Snifits because it will lead to the boss fighting with Booster upon being spotted.

However, players only have three chances to fight Booster if caught successively three times.

Complete The Curtains Minigame In Booster Tower

Players must successfully evade the Booster and Snifits to complete the curtains minigame in Booster Tower.

Similarly, players can complete the Booster Tower Curtains minigame by understanding the Snifit’s line of sight.

Players should remember that the snifits only check the area directly before them and make plans strategically.

They must stay in a different line of sight from the Snifits, meaning the safe zones are diamond-shaped from their tile position.

Moreover, players must pass the three rounds where Snifits search for them significantly, and the following round gets more challenging.

First  Round

In the first round of the minigame, only one snifit is in charge of spotting the players in Booster Tower.

During the 1st round, it is easy for players to hide as there is only one snifit in charge of finding them.

Similarly, in this round, the solo snifit checks the 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 1st and 4th curtains respectively.

Thus, players should avoid being in these curtains for specific rounds to these curtains to be safe.

Second Round

Now in the second round of this minigame, two snifits are in charge of finding the players.

Similarly, this round is slightly more complex than the previous rounds since two snifits are searching for players.

Likewise, these two snifits in this round look behind 2nd  + 4th, 1st +3rd, 2nd +3rd,  2nd + 4th, 3rd + 4th, 2nd + 3rd and  1st +2nd curtains, respectively.

Thus in this round, to be safe, players have to hide in the 1st,2nd,1st,1st,1st,1st and finally move to the 4th curtain.

Third Round

Likewise, three snifits are in charge of finding the players for the third round of its minigame.

It is the most complex round, as three snifits are trying to search the players.

Hiding behind the Curtains
A player is hiding behind the curtains to evade snifits line of sight.

Similarly, these snifits look behind the 1st +2nd +3rd, 2nd + 3rd + 4th, 1st +3rd +4th, 1st + 2nd + 4th, 2nd + 3rd +  4th, 1st + 2nd + 3rd, and 1st + 2nd + 4th.

Thus, to be safe in this round, players must hide in 4th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st and 3rd curtains respectively.

The Bottom Line

In Super Mariko RPG Remake, players must complete the Booster Tower Curtains minigame for several rewards.

Similarly, players must learn the snifit’s pattern of searching the curtains and staying away from them.

Booster Tower in Super Mario RPG offers a unique experience for the players involving battles and several minigames.

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